Audit Management Software System from Harrington Group

An audit is a time-based process, an official examination, and a verification of financial accounts and records. It is a big challenge to keep clear financial records. If an organization doesn’t have the right technology, this process can be very stressful and time-consuming. Try Harrington’s software solution. It comes with internal audits, operational audits; IT audits, supplier audit. It helps you to manage complete audit files from the bottom level. This solution helps planning, scheduling, development of a standard, audit plan, and checklists. That means it applies to all stages.

Audit Management Software from Harrington Group

It helps you to keep records systematically and maintain across the enterprise with improved data collection, assessment, and reporting. In brief, our solution helps you to

  • –    manage audit plans
  • –    carry risk assessments
  • –    undertake fieldwork and testing
  • –    save time from coordinating documents
  • –    spend more time evaluating audit results

Our Audit Management Software will make a significant impact on your general audit management. It will

  • streamline your audit management with high transparency
  • help collaboration between project teams
  • collect data useful for risk assessment
  • establish an efficiency feedback process
  • minimize enterprise and operational  risk
  • place you ahead of standards and compliance requirements such as ISO 9000

Harrington’s Audit Management Software is a user-friendly, menu-driven and a reliable solution for your enterprise.

Whatever the scale of your enterprise or your audit team, our Audit Management Softwarewill be a very effective management solution. It comes with features such as

  • integrated database for all of your financial data
  • interface with an offline working opportunity
  • fully secured data handling workplace
  • user-friendly interface
  • unique data analysis methods

Your enterprise is now free from rigorous audit exercises with a high cost of time and money. Harrington’s Audit Management Software will do most of your work and limit your role to the board room. The solution comes with functions for

  • Planning of Annual Audit
  • Scheduling audits
  • Performing audit reporting
  • Recording of time and costs
  • Carrying out enterprise risk assessment
  • Tracking actions/recommendations
  • Deploying online questionnaires
  • Storing audit data
  • Disseminating audit results in real time

Harrington’s Audit Management Software is the best fit for your talented audit team that helps them to excel in their role, with greater precision. You will not regret by choosing our Audit Management Software as your primary auditor of your critical financial transaction assessment.

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