21 Jun 2021

Evolution of Quality Control Tools: Quality control and quality improvement are continuous processes in any industry. Kaoru Ishikawa was a Japanese organizational and manufacturing theorist who believed that a product’s quality can be improved from the initial stages and can be taken to the next level such as continued customer support and service even after […]

18 Jun 2021

Quality Inspection: One of the fundamental requirements of a product’s success is its quality. Quality Inspection is an activity to measure and examine the product features or company’s processes and compare the results to the product specifications and make sure if they conform to the defined requirements and standards. The product specifications are often presented […]

17 Jun 2021
  Need for Quality Control in Construction: With the increasing population in several countries, there is an increasing demand for habitats such as individual homes, apartments and commercial buildings. Safety is the prime concern for customers, building contractors, engineers, property owners and suppliers during the construction process. Even if there are minor defects or failures [...]
17 Jun 2021

Be it a software product, products developed and used in Manufacturing, Industry, Healthcare, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories or an outcome/service such as Lab test result, fixing an issue, quality is much important. There are a set of lexicons used when we discuss the quality of a product or service. Below are a few. These terms are […]