30 Jun 2018
Bad management practices
Bad Management Practices Creating the appropriate habits is something that would help build a workplace for the employees where they feel solace. When employees are comfortable in their environment they tend to perform better in the workplace. This is something that companies should focus on and thereby create a process for employee retention. No matter [...]
29 Jun 2018
Human Error Reduction
Human Error Reduction As the evolution of technology advances significantly every day, human error for processes become substantially visible in performance. Unfortunately, around 80% of errors by humans are what is responsible for the defects and failures in a company. And regrettably, very little information is known about the nature of said events. This is [...]
28 Jun 2018
Increase Efficiency by Using Document Management System Document Management Systems allow the control, monitoring, and management of documents for increased efficiency. One of the most significant challenges faced by companies still utilizing a physical file system is that they are almost never able to locate, produce, or manage documents as efficiently as they can be. [...]
27 Jun 2018
QMS-Where to begin
QMS: Where To Begin? It all seems so complicated when considering implementing new software in the company. Complications include all the work and the procedures, the training, and costs. There’s only one thought that comes to mind – Is it all worth it? But before trying to go ahead in time and find out if [...]
26 Jun 2018
Utilization of Consultancy for QMS Consultancy from firms can be used by companies as a way to gain expert knowledge on a particular subject. In this aspect, the critical element would be to focus on simplicity and developing a unique ability to harmonize specific business strategies with the workflow of the project involved. Through the [...]