25 Jun 2018
Analysis of complaints
Analysis Of Complaints In manufacturing and sales of products and services, it is essential to consider that there may be complaints that would be received by customers. It may require a lot of effort for gathering and analyzing data that is specifically for complaints. A Quality Management System is a software system that is used [...]
24 Jun 2018
changes for millenials
Changes For Millenials The generations of millennials have been spoken about consistently on many different topics. However, it should be considered that Millenials are the generation group seeking to make up the workforce in the majority. Keeping this in mind, organizations should realize that there is vitality in being able to select, recruit, motivate, and [...]
23 Jun 2018
data management
Why Do Your Company Needs Better Data Management What exactly is data management? Data management is a procedure that allows companies to comprise all strategic procedures related to managing data as a resource that is valuable to the organization. The purpose of performing quality data management involves an entire set of activities where the intended [...]
22 Jun 2018
equipment maintenance
The Necessity Of Equipment Maintenance Maintenance of all equipment in an organization is a critical activity that needs to be performed on a regular basis. "Maintenance" is a term that could involve multiple different activities: The inspection of manufacturing. The testing of products. Measuring the quantities for manufacturing. Replacement of materials or items in production. [...]
21 Jun 2018
Fraud control plans
Fraud Control Plans One of the most significant plans by universal public companies as well as many private companies is focusing on a fraud control plan. A fraud control plan is generally established to detect, prevent, and have a tactical approach towards fraud that may occur for the company. Although this may seem like a [...]