15 Jun 2018
Quality Management
Innovation Through Quality Management Systems When considering improvements in company performance, it is the primary objective of every organization to focus on improvements in performance, competition, and gaining stability financially. The use of a Quality Management System would ensure numerous benefits for a company. When implemented correctly and consistently, a Quality Management System would stimulate [...]
14 Jun 2018
Quality problems
Quality Problems: The Main Source If there seems to be an issue in quality, that issue could be related to a particular change in the way things are being processed. The problems with a difference in quality could be either something that is obvious or something that should possibly be investigated. Identifying the cause of [...]
13 Jun 2018
data integrity
Poor Data Integrity - Your Company's Worst Nightmare. Data integrity can be defined as the maintenance and management of accuracy, consistency, and assurance of data throughout its entire life-cycle and how that data is integrated for the design, the implementation and the use of a particular system for storing, retrieving and managing data. When handling [...]
12 Jun 2018
Quality Management System
Ensuring Quality In Manufacturing. As far as Quality Management Systems have been dated, they started off working with large-scale manufacturing companies. Popularity was gained when businesses worldwide started seeing the efficiency in utilizing QMS for automation for the company. Software developers then found a way to design Quality Management Systems that would appeal to the [...]
11 Jun 2018
molding digital health
Top Steps For Molding Digital Health Digital health goes hand in hand with the innovation for healthcare. Digital health is something that seeks to offer improvements in the aspect of healthcare delivery. This could be done from patient health improvement to the process of the medical payment procedure. Although Digital Health does seem to have [...]