05 Jun 2018
target Audience
Identifying The Target Audience Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software system integrated with applications to automate specific functions within an organization. The utilization of an ERP allows companies to avoid making bad decisions that could affect the company’s performance. ERP initiated through a startup on manufacturing companies to automate specific processes. The popularity of [...]
04 Jun 2018
Software training
Software training When considering the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning, there are multiple factors companies need to consider namely: • Identifying what ERP is used for and the up-to-date software available. • The ERP system characteristics provided. • When implementing an ERP system, determining how it could negatively and positively affect the organization. • An [...]
03 Jun 2018
The process perspective
The Process Perspective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the utilization of system software within a business. This system is integrated with applications which allow specific functions to be automated. The process of using ERP within an organization can be incredibly beneficial if implemented correctly. When ERP first began, it was used merely within manufacturing companies. [...]
02 Jun 2018
ERP system
ERP Implementation Failures Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system integrated with applications to automate specific functions within an organization for efficient productivity. Using an ERP a company can ensure growth, lower operational costs, increase productivity, lower organizational risks, and increased efficiency. ERP began its legacy by being utilized within the manufacturing industry. This escalated [...]
01 Jun 2018
Quality Management Software Manufacturer
Traditional File Organizing or ERP? The days for manual paperwork may be over, but there are still certain organizations that utilize physical documents. However, there is a reason for this. Physical documents do have its advantages; why else would companies still be using it? Traditional file organizing refers to managing and maintaining of physical documents [...]