09 May 2018
4 Hidden Costs Of Poor Document Control One critical factor businesses continuously consider is the finances of the organization. No organization would want to run inefficiently, particularly cost wise. In the current day and age, nearly every organization makes it a point to handle their documents digitally. While handling documents physically is considerably maintainable, management [...]
18 Jul 2017
Let us Stop Paying Lip Service to Excellence The Supplier Collaboration Portal introduced by Harrington Group International has been designed to facilitate better interaction between our clients and their suppliers. Poor communication between the manufacturer and the supplier can ultimately lead to errors within the supply chain and could result in the loss of valuable [...]
23 May 2016
Let us Stop Paying Lip Service to Excellence The time has come to change our standards. Our companies must make fewer errors and permit fewer defects. Poor employee training, inferior supervision and one-way communication must be corrected. It’s time to stop accepting mediocre performance as “exceeds expectations.” An error rate of 3.4 errors per million [...]
23 May 2016
Who Owns the Process? A process owner is appointed by management to ensure that a major cross-functional process is both effective and efficient. This is a key concept that must be understood for any process improvement strategy to work. Conventional functional management, where leaders are assigned to departments or functions, has worked well for a [...]
23 May 2016
Thirteen Fundamental Truths Over my career I have documented a list of 13 fundamental truths that applied to all organizations. I ran across these statements recently when I was looking for some comments made by a past IBM president that I wanted to use in a new book I am writing. As I thought back [...]