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Are you fed up of manual control of documents? Are you spending too much time for routing documents, obtaining approval and signatures from various departments in-house and geographically distanced, having face-to-face roundtable meetings to discuss required changes and make a decision for urgent matters, and having troubles of searching, locating and retrieval of documents during inspections? Then the solution is Document Control Software, offered by Harrington Group International.
We relieve you from

  • inefficiencies in the manual document handling
  • difficulties in revision and version control
  • complexities from disintegrated document control system and resulting miscommunication among employees
  • failures to produce relevant documents for audit purposes
  • wasting productive hours of work for in-house meetings
  • hassles in the current interdepartmental communication
  • issues related to transparency, visibility, and unreliability

Having control over various types of documents drafted for different purposes in an operational set up is an essential requirement in a business regulatory environment. Many companies around the world are stumbling to get a streamlined process for controlling numerous documents in circulation every working day. Above all, whatever the solution is in place, it should be able to address any stringent regulations and standards laid in local, country and global level to ensure compliance. Ultimate result of this is lowering compliance cost while increasing the efficiency of the production processes which in turn lead to accelerate time to a marketplace.

Document control software from Hgint
With our software solution, we provide you with

  • automated routing, delivery, escalation, and approval of documents in the operational processes.
  • one off solution to handle all types of documents
  • centralized integrated repository for documents with easy searching and retrieval
  • specific features of version control system
  • an integrated system of the paper control as part of quality management
  • a solution for meeting compliance audit requirements
  • a real time secured access to users from in and out of the workplace
  • a set of features that enhances the transparency and visibility of the documentation process
  • a streamlined guide to standard operating procedure (SOPs) through which a seamless operation of the organization is guaranteed

All that you invest in document control software is all your savings from deviating from a traditional way of handling documentation. You will

  • raise the productivity
  • improve the monitoring over paper-based processes and workflows
  • cut printing cost
  • save time

Above all, one of the cutting edge features of our document control software is, its ability to integrate with other applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Laboratory Information Management Systems ( LIMS), accounting, and human resources applications to accommodate the needs of different departments within the firm.

Your ambiguity on selecting a proper software matching your organizational needs is over, no need to raise the question of compliance, tolerance or functionality anymore. We are responsible for them. Harrington Group document control software is not just a document control system; it is the electronic business instinct of your business that helps you to manage a document life cycle from start to end.

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