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Customer Management

HQMS Customer Management allows you to arrange all your customers into a single database with direct links to CA/PA, Root Cause Analysis, Opportunity for Improvement and many more. Find customer contact information, notes and historical data online form anywhere at any time. Accessibility through security makes Customer Management a simple to use, directly valuable module for any organization.

HQMS Customer Management allows you to manage and track customers easily and accurately through this application. While “public” customers may not need tracking for the occasional purchase, large customers, like other companies, may need to be tracked in case of defects or other issues. By putting customers into the system they can be referenced by any other part of the system to see any ongoing issues with certain customers. Tracking customers in this simple manner saves time and effort by making contact information more accessible and direct.

Through HQMS Customer Management you gain better tracking of repeat offenders of late or non-payment can be made and special notations about specific customers can be passed along for all users to see. Saving money and time through customer notes and contact information is easy and straight-forward.


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