HQMS – Calibration Management Module

is our flagship world-class software for enterprise process improvement, compliance and quality management.

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Equipment Calibration

Organizations rely heavily on specialized tools and equipment that must be periodically calibrated. In order to avoid numerous problems, software is needed to track tool calibration activities throughout the life expectancy of the tool. By using the HQMS Calibration Management module to track and schedule calibrations, organizations can plan and prevent downtime and avoid complications.

The software’s inventory asset tracking ensures that there’s no confusion with regard to which tool or piece of equipment needs calibration at a given time. Having these tracking abilities, organizations can stagger their calibration schedules, and identify ideal off-peak windows, in order to minimize disruption caused by taking one of their machines temporarily out of service.

  • Increase Productivity and Drive Down Cost
  • Reduce Nonconformance’s and Meet Regulatory compliance
  • Reduce data Entry Time and Human Error


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