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Non Conformance

Through the Material Non-Conformance (MNC) application you can document non-conformances with physical items and the disposition of each item. The application works in conjunction with the Part Records module, allowing you to select an item in the Parts Record module as the inspected or non-conforming part.

MNC records often lead to corrective or preventive actions, and any action created in reference to a MNC is permanently linked back to the MNC record. Likewise, if a MNC inspection uncovers issues with a supplier or a problem that could affect your customer; you can create and reference supplier or customer issues or actions to follow up with the problem.

The HQMS system is flexible and allows you to quickly enter the non-conformance information and close the record; you can also easily duplicate a record if you are entering several similar non-conformances. If it is a more complicated non-conformance, you can save the record and continue working on it. HQMS provides a means to review, collaboration, and approval non-conformances. For example, if the disposition of an item cannot be determined by one person, a Material Review Board (MRB) can evaluate the item and record results. The disposition of an item is essentially what happens to it, such as repair, re-work, scrap, etc.

Through HQMS advanced reporting features, you can find trends with non-conformances, reasons for non-conformances, or locations where the problems occur.



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