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Parts Management

HQMS Parts Management tracks the history of every part in the system and allows tracking of changes to the part description and the addition and removal of suppliers for maximum part availability if it is produced by multiple manufacturers.

HQMS Parts Management saves time and money by making it quick and easy to find the information for parts and suppliers of those parts and making it easy to contact those suppliers to get the best price or solve other issues with any given part.

You can create an up-to-date database for parts and supplies that your company uses that can be accessed from anywhere at any time by anyone in your business. You can produce reports about parts through HQMS’ powerful query and reporting functions.

HQMS Parts Management allows a single place for managing and tracking all the parts you work with and their suppliers, whether it is one supplier making many parts or many suppliers who all make the same part.

While certain application modules affect a single part, others may affect multiple part numbers. In either case, HQMS stores affected part data into a centralized location in order to perform cross-module analysis. It allows you to search through a complete list of parts. You can find parts using the same powerful query tool present in the other modules and from this module new parts can be added and a part’s information can be viewed in a detail screen format.


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