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Root Cause Analysis

HQMS was designed to assist users in their efforts to successfully get to the heart of an issue and resolve it through the Root Cause Analysis application. Based on the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) approach, this problem solving module leads users through the logical process of identifying and solving the most complex problems. With HQMS Root Cause Analysis, managers can add comments, approve or reject activities at various stages in the process to provide analysts with timely, valuable input. DMAIC helps identify where problems begin and allows you to fix them before they affect the quality of the product or your bottom–line.

Like each HQMS application, Root Cause Analysis is fully customizable and gives users the ability to assign employee responsibility, add corrective and preventive actions, designate locations, parts affected, and assign individual tasks to each Root Cause record.

HQMS Root Cause Analysis provides one convenient module for your team to maximize its’ productivity.


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