13 Mar 2016

“My overall experience with Harrington Group has been outstanding. The employees express a passion for their jobs and the products you sell. It is wonderful to be able to pick up the phone and call a live person who quickly assess your questions/problems to answer them or transfer you to the exact person who has the answer. I have never had to go more than one transfer to find an answer. The training session we had at your facility was extremely helpful in communicating the overall design and functionality of HQMS. By applying the principles learned on one module to other modules I was able to quickly and easily customize the tool for our business and deploy to our initial test group.

When I was first reviewing the various tools on the market I rated them against our job function needs, out of the box functionality, modularity, scalability, the company’s ability to resist economic downturn for future support considerations, and of course financial impact of purchasing the tool. HQMS was by far the most “bang for the buck”. When I was presenting the tool in various presentations trying to get funding for it, I was presented with some negative feedback. I want to share that with you and my response because I believe it truly depicts the market niche Harrington Group has found. The comment was “it’s like buying a Corvette for the cigarette lighter” and I responded with “exactly”. We aren’t here to buy a Ferrari nor are we here to pay the high maintenance costs. If you want the best priced and lowest maintenance cost sports car, then you buy a Corvette. Sure when you first get it you may only park the car in the garage and move it in and out to wash it. Although, once you start really driving a Corvette you quickly realize how much fun it is and that there is a lot of technology and features built in just begging to be utilized. This is exactly why I chose HQMS.

The plan was and still is to only release a few modules in the first phase. Then as users become comfortable, we will release more functionality and increase their rights within the tool, so they can be efficient and more productive. I have already been contacted by three other business groups to work on incorporating them into the tool. So far, the vision for HQMS here is coming to fruition. Provided the support at Harrington Group continues to remain top notch, I am confident we will be continuing to work together expanding HQMS’s use across the company and the Globe.”

Jake Soling
Sr. Product Development Quality Engineer
Honeywell Aerospace