13 Mar 2016

Just wanted to comment on the success of caWeb in IAE’s Corrective Action Request and Reporting (CARR) System application. We are well along the path toward full conversion to your Internet based product and are finding that it meets our needs for capability while exceeding our expectations for ease of use. The intuitive nature of the system simplifies the expansion of its use throughout the organization with minimal requirements for guidance and administration.

As you are well aware, IAE is an international aerospace consortium including Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, MTU and Japanese Aero Engines Corp. with development, manufacturing, assembly, overhaul and customer support facilities literally across the face of the globe. CaWeb has improved communication among nearly 100 broadly diverse individuals and offices, facilitating improved problem reporting, material management supporting investigations and corrective action reporting.

IAE Quality Assurance is absolutely certain that our goals for simplified issue management, reduced reconciliation effort and improved response time will be achieved through the functionality of caWeb. We are confident that our customers and we will benefit, as a result, with significantly improved solutions to identified opportunities and the inevitable reduction in recurrences.

Thank you for your product and your exceptional support during our conversion.”

John Sacha
IAE Mgr, Quality Systems
International Aero Engines