When it comes to product support and account management, your team members are EXTREMELY helpful, informative, and supportive …THAT is true Customer Service – and trust me I am one satisfied Customer.

Regarding Harrington Products – I have used them extensively over the last 5 years. Doc System / Issue Mgmt / Audit Master 3 / Supplier Rating System are EXCELLENT programs and have enabled me to successfully implement two Quality Systems (ISO9002 / QS9000) for our company. I would highly recommend your products (and do on almost a daily basis) to anyone looking to implement an ISO/QS9000 based Quality System.

Not only are they extremely easy to use (all Windows /Access based as opposed to Lotus Notes), they are also very affordable on the budget. Our company is rapidly expanding and we now have 4 companies utilizing Harrington products.

Recently, I returned from Austria where they viewed my Doc System & CA5 (on the laptop). Their request – how do we get them for our site? We would like to put the entire corporation into Harrington products. Again I thank you for all of your assistance…”

Michael D. Polinko
Director of Quality Assurance
Neuman Aluminum USA