HQMS – Audit Management Module

is our flagship world-class software for enterprise process improvement, compliance and quality management.

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Audit Management

HQMS Audit Management software system enables you to streamline your entire audit cycle from creation to closure. Whether in-house or remote, Audit Management software system delivers all the tools necessary to improve audit efficiency and accelerate effectiveness while providing the highest of security standards and remaining in compliance.

New Audit Plan may be defined in any set of defined criteria such as Audit Plan Number, Subject, Originator, Security Level, Location, Type, Category, Specification or Department. Audit Plans are used for recurring audits.

Audit Plans List allows you to review and filter the list of available Audit Plans. Once you locate the desired Audit Plan, you may click on it to review the details.

Audit Plan Reports provides a list of available reports for the Audit Plan system.

Audit Plan Configuration maintains Labels, Keywords, and other Configurations for the Audit Plans System.

Audit Checklist enables users to save Checklist Templates to be copied into future audits.

Master Item module allows users to view results of an individual item across multiple audits.

Remote Auditor allows you to perform remote audits with ease, either on the factory floor or half-way around the world.  Simply upload the audit results to HQMS and create, manage and track audit findings from any computer with internet access.

Benefits of HQMS Audit Management Software

  • Adhere to Standards and Reduce the Risk of Non Compliance
  • Improve Audit Efficiency and Reduce Cost
  • Accelerate Audit Effectiveness
  • Improve Audit Quality Levels


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