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Are you frustrated trying to manage the control of your documents? Are you spending too much time routing documents to obtain approval and signatures from various departments? Are you constantly searching, locating, and retrieving documents during inspections?

Then, the solution is Document Management Software offered by Harrington Group International.

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The Best Document control software system

We relieve you from

  • Inefficiencies in manual document handling
  • Difficulties in revision and version control
  • Complexities from an outdated document management software which results in miscommunication among employees
  • Failures in producing relevant documents for audit purposes
  • Wasting productive hours of work for in-house meetings
  • Problems in the current interdepartmental communication
  • Issues related to transparency, visibility, and unreliability

Various Content to Manage Needs a Document Control Solution

Having control over various types of documents drafted for different purposes in an operational setting is an essential requirement in a business regulatory environment. Many companies around the world are faltering to get a streamlined process for controlling numerous documents in circulation every working day. Above all, whatever the solution is in place, it should be able to address any stringent regulatory compliance standards. This will in turn lower compliance costs and increase the production processes, leading to an accelerated time to the marketplace.

Harrington’s Document Management Software Solution, provides you with the following:

  • Automated routing, delivery, escalation, and approval of documents in the operational processes.
  • One-off solution to handle all types of documents
  • Centralized repository for documents with easy searching and retrieval
  • Specific features of a version control system
  • An integrated software system that digitally stores all your documents instead of paper as part of quality management
  • A solution for meeting compliance audit requirements
  • A real-time secured access to users from in and out of the workplace
  • A set of features that enhances the transparency and visibility of the documentation process
  • A streamlined guide to standard operating procedure (SOPs) through which a seamless operation of the organization is guaranteed

Investing in Harrington’s Document Management Program will allow for easier traceability and better workflows, saving you time and money.

You will:

  • Raise productivity
  • Improve the monitoring of paper-based processes and workflows
  • Lower printing costs

Your challenge of selecting a proper document control tool that matches your organizational needs is over; there is no longer a need to raise the question of compliance, tolerance, or functionality. We are responsible for them. Harrington Group Document Control Software is not just a document control system; it is an electronic document control system that ensures all documents are managed from start to finish.

Above all, one of the cutting-edge features of Harrington’s Document Management Solution is its ability to integrate with other applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), accounting, and human resources applications to accommodate the needs of different departments within the firm.

Advancements in Document Management Software:

Document control can be described as document management that justifies enforcing a set of controlled processes and practices. It is used for:

  • Creation
  • Reviewing
  • Modification
  • Issuing
  • Distribution
  • Accessibility

The role of document control is an act that ensures documentation is available at official points of use within an organization. Through trusted procedures, users can manage and monitor up-to-date, reliable, verified, and formally approved information within a company.

Document control is mainly present in activity sectors or companies:

  • Involved in engineering or construction
  • Where documents are frequently modified and updated
  • That seeks or holds ISO 9001 standard certification
  • That seeks assistance in finding reliable, up-to-date, and critical official documents
  • Where the improper use of outdated or unofficial documents has led to severe consequences
  • Where large amounts of company documents are produced and exchanged between different companies and entities
  • Involved in technical operations
  • That seeks a strong emphasis on traceability, audibility, and proper compliance.

Simply, document management can be defined as helping organize documents, data, and information in a way that is consistent, standardized, and controlled. Document control is also a required action by the ISO 9001 international standard of Quality Management Systems. This standard requires that a document control procedure be established to be able to define the necessary actions to be taken for:

  • Approving documents for adequacy prior to issues that may arise
  • The reviewing and updating of necessary and re-approved documents
  • Ensuring that changes and the status of the documents are identified
  • Ensuring the relevant and different versions of specified documents is available to use at any given time
  • Ensuring documents are readily identifiable for immediate (or otherwise) use

While you’re busy at work, there may be times when you receive an email from the boss. He/she requires the latest version of an important document needed for a meeting. While you’re scrambling through the many virtual files in the system to seek that one file required, a significant amount of time may have gone by. You’re then faced with the consequences of the manager claiming you’re slow and inadequate. It’s a well-known fact that a significant amount of time goes by locating documents.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way. Through proper document management, organizations can now store, track, and manage all their documents in a central location. This can be done through the use of an ISO document management system. The procedure of document management through document control systems has provided companies with multiple benefits that maximize an organization’s efficiency.





Reasons Why Your Organization Would Benefit Through Proper Document Management Using a Document Control Software:

Growth in communication & collaboration.

Having a document management system within a company workplace would be able to promote faster and easier collaboration between employees. This especially applies to companies with entities in different geographic locations. Using document management software, the user would be able to gain the ability to access necessary/relevant documents quickly and would be able to share them through an online workspace. These forms of document tracking would allow users to work together on the same project with the utmost efficiency. Additionally, through the different collaborative features that would be included in the software, the relevant documents can also be saved, shared, and managed.



Document version control reliability.

In large companies, one of the most significant issues faced would be maintaining updated documents and keeping relevant information flow.

With the use of document management software, employees can now keep track of their documents while being able to keep them up to date. Users are very simply able to upload their documents and can manage their updates and versions through the document control system. Improved document management software involves better methods for organizing and maintaining documents while being very user-friendly.

Increase in saved time and costs.

Are you familiar with the term “Time is money”? Well never has this statement been so true as when locating documents on time. While it’s taking all that time to locate a specific critical file, managers may find themselves late for meetings. This, in turn, would cost the organization a lot of staff hours and possibly costly mistakes. The file provided (which was searched for in a rush without proper document retrieval) could be an older version or an incorrect file retrieved for an important meeting. By having appropriate methods for organizing documents filed through software, locating the right information could be easier than ever. Through merely a few clicks and keywords, the material can be found.

Easy accessibility.

With a growing number of people starting to either work from home or travel for work, it is essential for those employees to have the necessary access to specific documents and policies. This is especially critical since they are not available in the office for immediate retrieval. While there are still some that may suggest that work can be done more efficiently using physically present paper documents, there’s still a chance that you may have forgotten the papers back in the office. For travelers, it becomes an even bigger problem to have overlooked essential documents after traveling. With the ability of these documents to be present online, accessibility becomes significantly easier. Availability from any location is more efficient and can also save a lot of time and stress for employees. Document management software has gained significant popularity since its accessibility. Also, with Document Control System Software in place, management of documents can be a breeze, especially for travelers.

Increased productivity.

With our software, uploading, updating, tracking, sharing, and managing documents would merely take half the time it would using conventional methods. With the use of this software, employees can become more productive and eventually more efficient in the company. After all, isn’t that what all companies look for in employees? The time spent using conventional methods of document control can be significant. By using document control systems, employees can now use that time to get more work done. This would, in turn, increase the overall efficiency of employees, which would generate better ROI.

Keeping all employees up-to-date.

Once documents have upgraded to the use of a document control program for better document handling, the next challenge would be to get employees to be updated on document versions. Using an upgraded document management system, employees can now be provided with the ability to select and notify all approved employees with newer and updated versions of documents.

Documents can be safeguarded.

Multiple companies have a significant amount of documentation that is available in electronic format. In some cases, management may be faced with the possibility of documents becoming inaccessible, especially if they are stored locally. At the same time, documents would also become unsafe due to a lack of proper security. With the use of a document management system, shared records management would be available. Additionally, these systems would also allow integrity and security. Because of this, all relevant employees can control access and documentation that the organization stores.

Duplicated documents and efforts can be avoided.

One of the most common errors that may occur with company documents and data is that there may be a repeat of effort and documents, which may sometimes be stored unintentionally. This could cost a lot of unnecessary time and money for the company. The use of content management systems could save an employee the redundant duplicate efforts. This would enable them to simply re-use the current documentation and provide them with a message stating the files already exist. This way, users can avoid doing the same thing over and over again and make use of available documents. Doing so could save a lot of time and provide better productivity for the company.

Publishing can be simplified.

With conventional record-keeping methods and previously available solutions for data management, employees would find there may be some difficulties in publishing where data must be released for use. However, with the document management software, record management would be made more accessible to integrate with web pages. This makes publishing easier, and documents can be released quickly and have simplified indexes.

Workflow can be managed.

Since the workflow is something that the head of an organization can’t always keep track of through conventional methods of document progress monitoring, there is a considerable chance that the workflow may get muddled. Additionally, sending documents to every employee involved in a particular work process could also waste a lot of time. Through a single shared system that each employee collaborates on, it would become significantly easier to send out documents that consist of one or multiple files per document. With that, employees can receive and make use of documents on time, while being aware of all sending and receiving processes. The system would also allow tracking of the workflow. It would enable management to be able to see the progress of employees at any given time.

Storage options are made easier.

How difficult is it when you’re using conventional document tracking methods to store all those files while being able to access them? It may require a significant amount of storage space. This puts company data at risk of entirely getting lost as well. The brilliant thing about document management systems is that these systems ensure compliance with the necessary storage requirements. Because of this, Document Management Software also allows files to be automatically transferred to a more secure yet cheaper storage media option.

Running a business can be an incredibly difficult and time-consuming process. Often the head of a company is burdened with projects, dealing with unexpected issues, and no free time. With all that in mind, getting time to come up with an effective data management plan can be tough. However, it is essential to keep in mind that by being able to draw up a comprehensive plan for document management, a company could avoid multiple disasters. Proper document management, not only will it keep your company compliant, but it can also save your company a lot of money in the long run. One of the essential factors businesses often consider is the ability to manage finances in the organization. No company wants to run inefficiently, especially in the aspect of cost. In today’s world, almost every organization handles documents digitally through document management systems. However, it is essential to keep in mind that while handling documents in conventional methods may be considered easy, managing files through these systems requires a little more effort, maintenance, and monitoring. Poor document tracking & management is something that could result in major losses within an organization. This could result in significant financial and productivity losses in a year. Efficient document management is critical to every organization.

Poor Document Control could result in:

Data protection legislation has been known to set out a minimum and maximum length of time in which records can be retained in a system. The different types of documents may have different time frames which can essentially become more challenging to keep track. No company wants to be fined, so going through the proper guidelines would make it easier to stay compliant.

One of the biggest mistakes companies may make is retaining every document; in case, it may be needed in the future. However, this could result in employees taking longer to locate documents that would be required. Statistically, it was estimated that workers spend an average of 35% of their work time locating documents and information. The time saving of proper document control systems would allow better management and control of data for improved efficiency.

Keeping physical documents in an office may take up a lot of valuable space that can be used for other office work. Therefore, paying money to maintain documents stored in these spaces may be a waste of money, especially if those documents aren’t used again. A proper record management system would help employees identify the files that aren’t of importance and keep the files that are, for future use.

Through conventional methods of document control, the more documents there are, the harder it becomes to stay on top of them. Because of this, company data may be put at risk for potential security breaches.

Security breaches can cause many disadvantages to a company such as:

–    Costly fixes

–    Loss of reputation

–    Data losses

–    Corrupted data

–    Duplicated data

Regulations may not be followed as required. Following the necessary regulations of document control is essential to every organization. It has been stated in the past that multiple companies have been fined millions for improper data management.

All the above-mentioned factors can be stated as merely a handful of reasons as to why it is essential for companies to have a proper management plan for company document handling. Utilization of document control Software for Document Control is known to be one of the most up-to-date efficient methods to be able to manage company data effectively.

Fortunately for you, Harrington Group International (HGI) is an organization that issues one of the best document control software systems in the market.


Our document control software allows companies to have a sense of relief through proper document handling and monitoring. These systems reduce the unnecessary costs and the time it takes to manage all sensitive company data. Through our systems, we guarantee your documents are in safe hands.

HGI Document Control Software relieves organizations of:

  • Wasting too much time managing documents manually or through paper-based systems
  • The difficulties in revising and updating versions of documents
  • The complicated situations of unorganized document management process may sometimes lead to misunderstandings between employees
  • The failure to produce documents on time
  • The time that is wasted on meetings which could be used for more productive hours of work

An organization produces many different documents every day. Because of this, companies are currently seeking the best way to manage these documents. Finding purposeful document management systems that offer low compliance costs and high efficiency can be tough.

However, no need to worry about that anymore since you have come to the right place. At HGI, our Iso 9001 Software System guarantees to help you manage your essential document lifecycle from beginning to end.

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