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Document Control is a primary application within the Harrington Quality Management System


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The Key to Consistent High-Quality Production

The Faster People can Find the Documents, the Happier & more Productive, they will be.

Once documents are in the system, you can compile them into books through the Document Book module. The HQMS Library makes books (folders) and documents available to anyone when the appropriate security and access controls are configured. The Book contents may include chapters (sub-folders) and/or documents.

Document Library allows access to the HQMS Bookshelf and Documents without logging in to the Harrington Quality Management System (HQMS) and without using user licenses.

Clicking on a document link downloads the document. Document links work outside the HQMS Document Library, so they may be copied and pasted into emails or other documents.

The HQMS Library home page displays a listing of available books from HQMS. Users may click on a book to view its contents. Whenever a new document revision is approved, the new revision file is automatically updated in the Company Library.

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