05 Jun 2018
software training
The Importance of Exceptional Cost of Quality Management What is known as "Cost of quality", could be distinguished as the process which allows companies to identify the extent where the resources that are used. In this process, to avoid low quality, assessment of the quality of products and services are performed within an organization. Negative [...]
09 May 2018
Total Quality Management
Selecting an Enterprise Quality Management System for Your Business In the present age, company leaders continuously seek to improve the quality of their business processes. For that, they utilize the effectiveness of an Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) which would aid in the improvement of business performances and increase the quality of production. When choosing [...]
09 May 2018
4 Hidden Costs Of Poor Document Control One critical factor businesses continuously consider is the finances of the organization. No organization would want to run inefficiently, particularly cost wise. In the current day and age, nearly every organization makes it a point to handle their documents digitally. While handling documents physically is considerably maintainable, management [...]
18 Jul 2017
Let us Stop Paying Lip Service to Excellence The Supplier Collaboration Portal introduced by Harrington Group International has been designed to facilitate better interaction between our clients and their suppliers. Poor communication between the manufacturer and the supplier can ultimately lead to errors within the supply chain and could result in the loss of valuable [...]
05 Jul 2016
A Continuous Improvement Mentality Ownership or the executive team at any company should always strive to make their company better. There should be an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or business processes. The management team should focus on increasing the effectiveness and/or efficiency of the organization to fulfil its policy and objectives. Improvement in [...]