Report Modification

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Report Modification

One of the most important features of your Harrington Group International (HGI) software applications is its ability to provide you with powerful, high quality reports that can be used to get the information that your program holds into the right hands.

While we deliver our software with a library of detailed reports designed to support your needs, we know from experience that may wish to customize some of these for your unique environment.

The flexible design of our applications provides you with the ability to modify your displays and your reports through configuration keyword changes. These changes allow you to dictate the technical and industry terms that your team has come to expect. But data placement and overall report format are not changed through this vehicle. For this level of modification, your administrator will need to create customized reports, or have our team of report specialists craft them to meet your specifications.

Report Deployment

Your Harrington Group International reports can be deployed in several ways. First through the application where you manage the information being presented, but also through your Intranet or even over the Internet as management tools that will really make an impact. Contact your Customer Account Manager for details on how we can help you launch the reports that you need people to see.

HGI provides you with the power to get your data out and understood through detailed reporting.

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