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World Class Issue Tracking Software from HGI

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World Class Issue Tracking Software from HGI

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Learn more and why clients use Our (caWeb) Issue Management Software below:

The Issue Management Software Solution gives your organization easy steps to identify any issue, designate the teams members and execute tasks/actions to manage and resolve the issue. Deliver faster problem resolution and prevent recurrence – Improve collaboration between team members – Eliminate unnecessary meetings – Hold your employees accountable – and Prevent Major Disasters before they occur.

Why would you want an issue management software?

The caWeb Corrective Action Software & Issue Management Software Solution gives your organization effortless steps to identify issues, designate accountable team members and execute task management to resolve the opportunity.

  • Deliver faster problem resolution and prevent recurrence
  • Eliminate unnecessary meetings
  • Improve collaboration between team members
  • Hold your employees accountable
  • Prevent Major Breakdowns before they occur

Whether it is a large-scale project or smaller undertaking, errors are bound to happen. Mistakes often go undetected when working individually. Teams are also not immune to errors. Mistakes may be missed if there is not proper accountability and follow up. All business prototypes have a potential for oversight.

Human error is human and to forgive is divine.” As they say, errors and mistakes are inevitable. But divine qualities do not always suit the business world where the quest is to make higher profits. It is time for you to track and manage your opportunities accurately and promptly.

Harrington Group International’s (HGI) Corrective Action & Issue Tracking Software is an automated solution developed to manage and track errors. Identifying the issue and assigning responsibility alone will not suffice. The situation needs to be addressed with the appropriate corrective actions. Finding answers to all those unresolved questions is now possible with issue-tracking software.

Issue Management Software system for enterprise use

No more spending months and years trying to root cause the error. Perform faster and more efficiently by discovering the mistake, addressing it, and resolving it.

Give your teams the motivation needed to manage issues as they arise, as opposed to ignoring them. It is time for you to put corrective action and issue tracking software to the test so that your business resolves issues quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. Your business needs a solution to help improve productivity, thereby increasing profitability. Every business requires a solution that is adaptable to its needs and culture.


HGI is the solution that you have been searching for. Look at the range of business resolution software developed by the HGI team, including corrective action & issue tracking software. Prepare to be astonished. HGI has addressed every quality and compliance concern that you can think of and is still working diligently to be ahead of such a dynamic industry.


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Call us today at: 1-800-ISO-9000 to find out more on our software

More about Issue tracking software

Any organization, no matter what they are selling or the scale in which they function, will have to face issues & corrective actions that may arise now and then. What is important is how companies choose to face and resolve these matters. The ease of resolution and the time taken will depend upon that choice. Therefore, choose wisely and have a hassle-free Issue tracking Software solution before major disasters occur due to mishandling of matters.

Although there are many options for you to use to handle and streamline issues to resolution, not all of them are as effective or as hassle-free. Why add your issue management solution to the pile of problems that keep stacking up? Instead, choose the issue tracking software that will help eliminate that pile of issues and also prevent similar issues from arising again altogether by following the corrective action items. The key here is to provide a functional platform that acts as a centralized location for all information related to the issues that arise while documenting the entire process followed by an issue till its resolution. Our software has been specifically designed to achieve that purpose.

The Issue tracking Tool we propose lets you identify issues, record all necessary details, assign the resolution responsibility to respective employees, and keep track of the real-time progress of the issue towards its resolution. All details are available to be accessed by authorized personnel from anywhere at any given time, and this lets you eliminate unnecessary meetings, saving valuable time that can be utilized elsewhere. Moreover, the software acts as a knowledge base by recording all the issues and the respective remedial actions that were taken to resolve the issues. That is very beneficial to prevent similar problems from arising in the future or to deal with similar issues that may occur in any case.

Issues are inevitable when managing an organization. Therefore, a system in place for issue tracking is a must in an organization. While manual issue tracking methods have had a good run in the past, better means have been introduced in the current era. Using an issue tracking software such as ours in your company is the best option for the current era.

Key Features of Effective Issue Tracking Software

  • Centralized Issue Repository: A single source of truth for all issues, making them easy to find and manage.
  • Customizable Workflow: Tailoring the issue resolution process to fit the specific needs of a business.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Notifications: Keeping all relevant parties informed about the issue’s status.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Offering insights into common issues, resolution times, and effectiveness of the response.

Harrington Group International’s Issue Tracking Software: A Solution for Businesses

HGI’s issue tracking software stands out in the market for its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. Designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, this software offers several key benefits.

1. Enhanced Efficiency in Issue Resolution: HGI’s software streamlines the entire issue tracking process, from initial logging to final resolution. This efficiency reduces downtime and ensures that issues are resolved quickly, minimizing their impact on business operations.

2. Improved Communication and Collaboration: The software facilitates better communication and collaboration among team members. By providing updates and notifications, it ensures that everyone involved is on the same page, leading to more effective problem-solving.

3. Greater Transparency and Accountability: With HGI’s software, businesses gain increased transparency into their issue resolution processes. Detailed tracking and history logs hold team members accountable for their tasks and timelines, leading to higher standards of performance.

4. Data-Driven Decision Making: The reporting and analytics capabilities of HGI’s software empower businesses with data-driven insights. These insights can help in identifying patterns, pinpointing recurring problems, and making informed decisions to prevent future issues.

5. Customization and Scalability: Understanding that no two businesses are alike, HGI has designed its software to be highly customizable and scalable. This flexibility ensures that the software can grow and adapt with the business, providing long-term value.

6. Compliance and Security: For businesses in regulated industries, HGI’s software ensures that issue tracking and resolution comply with relevant regulations. Additionally, the software’s security features protect sensitive data involved in the issue tracking process.

Implementing HGI’s Issue Tracking Software

Implementing issue management software from HGI involves a few key steps:

  • Assessment and Planning: Understanding the specific needs and workflows of the business to tailor the software accordingly.
  • Training and Onboarding: Equipping employees with the necessary training to use the software effectively.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrating the software with existing systems and processes.
  • Ongoing Support: HGI provides continuous support and updates to ensure the software remains effective over time.