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The New Enhanced Calibration Management Software Solution

HGI's Calibration Tracking software program allows you to take control of the equipment maintenance process by helping to reduce downtime, and maintain equipment history, while sequentially assessing a tool’s continuing usability in production.

What does calibration stand for?

Calibration is the comparison of measured values delivered by a device under test with those from an agreed-upon standard of known accuracy. Software can be used for many different purposes, such as ensuring consistency in product measurements across time and space or by validating new measuring techniques before they’re put into use at scale.

What is a Calibration Software?

Software is a lifesaver for anyone who runs, maintains and/or performs maintenance on equipment. It allows the ability to automate all or part of the process, which saves time and can reduce bottom-line expenses.

What is Gage Calibration?

Gage Software helps manufacturers of all sizes keep track of sequence for their test equipment, while allowing users to easily to generate audit reports in compliance with ISO 9000 regulations.

What is the purpose of calibrating?

The goal of calibration is to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurements. It quantifies any errors or uncertainties that may arise during a process so that they can be controlled with relative ease.

SaaS Multi-user Calibration Recall Software

In any industry that utilizes complex machinery requiring routine calibration for important precision purposes, correct calibration and re-calibration of critical equipment & tools is essential to ensure safety, uniformity, and productivity.

In years past, the rudimentary methods of tracking equipment calibration were often inadequate; paper-based reports were susceptible to being lost in the shuffle. As a result, HGI has developed a Saas calibration system to address calibration issues much more efficiently and user-friendly.

The software allows you to take control of the vital equipment maintenance processes, helping reduce overall downtime while maintaining essential equipment history. Our application helps to assess a tool’s continued usability in production sequentially.

With our software, an enterprise can easily schedule routine calibrations, track who is in possession of a tool, manage inventory, assess risks related to out-of-tolerance equipment, alert tool custodians of upcoming calibration requirements, use risk instrument notifications to assign corrective action requests and generate a variety of detailed reports for use in controlling segregation of calibrated materials. With its high level of connectivity, you can ensure the compliance and accountability of those involved in the calibration process far more easily than ever before.

Furthermore, the program features:

  • Multi-user Cloud Base Solution
  • Customizable Reporting & Custom Field Management
  • Access from any of your Desktop, Tablet and/or Mobile devices
  • Equipment Barcode Scanner
  • Fast & Specific Searching
  • Schedule calibrations, manage inventory, assess your risks
  • Maintain Equipment History & access historical gage information at your fingertips
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Our Software Solution is easily deployed, infinitely scalable, and easy to use. It is an efficient software that takes care of all your calibration-related issues. It’s the best calibration software in the quality industry and a tool that’s highly praised by end-users across a wide variety of industries.

In all industries, maintaining the overall efficiency is a vital fact. Since the total competition among rival competitors in the industry is high; an institution must ensure that it maintains the highest achievable productivity and efficiency. Certain industries use various kinds of machinery for their day-to-day procedures. These machines regularly or routinely require calibration or maintenance to ensure higher levels of productivity and smooth operation.

Despite this being a crucial and mandatory task, often in many industries, it does not happen due to many factors. One reason for this is not maintaining a proper schedule regarding calibration or maintenance processes and keeping track of the machinery maintenance cycle. Another factor is the downtime that comes with this process since the workload that is carried out by the respective machine must be either delayed or shifted to another.

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Therefore, the process, even though mandatory in any industry, has its own set of complications. Despite such complications prevailing in this process, those complications can be overcome by adequately scheduling and managing the calibration process. Many traditional methods for calibration or maintenance, such as paper-based methods, proved inadequate. The best solution that can be given for this crucial industrial task is to use a program.

Using a renowned Calibration system, an enterprise can perform needed tasks such as adequately scheduling routine calibrations and minimizing downtime. A calibration management system can also ensure the machinery’s condition is well managed. Tracking and documenting the use of machinery or tools, managing inventories, assessing equipment-related risks, and forecasting future requirements are some of the primary tasks that can be performed using the software.

Many software applications are available for these tasks, and the Harrington Group International Calibration Management Software stands out among them. Our software helps with functionalities such as equipment history documentation and report generation. Deploying and operating this system is not difficult. The user interface is simple and well thought out. By using Harrington Group International Calibration Management Software, an enterprise can monitor and maintain its inventory and track the use of tools and machinery.

Purchasing and implementing this application can help an enterprise maintain its machinery and inventory properly while performing the sequencing process with less downtime. The enterprise will experience an improved level of efficiency and productivity, enabling the institution to compete effectively in the industry.

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Having better insight regarding inventories can reduce unnecessary expenses while enjoying higher profit margins.

When looking for an effective, user-friendly calibration software system to manage sequencing or maintenance processes, Harrington Group International’s Software does it all.

Harrington Group International provides effective business management software solutions. Our brand-new Calibration software is web-based. It is our newest offering to companies worldwide. We want to make sure our offerings help companies improve their business processes and their bottom line!

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