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Suggested Retail Price: $1,199 Special Offer: $999

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When Training Management Software (TMS) identifies the employees who need training, it simplifies the process by making batches for scheduling activities. Seamless communication ensures that employees can enroll in the best-suited slots for the training. When a TMS offers operational, the training department can customize the software and develop ways that further deliver value. For instance, the learning management system can help a manager define the activity that a workgroup should attend based on their role. Similarly, customizable fields bring access to the requisite information based on your organization’s needs.

A few of the other prime advantages of HGI’s training management software include single click, custom reporting, and the ability to add attachments to an employee record to better understand his/her status or suitability for role training.

A training management system with a dedicated help and support section simplifies its use. Support on all related topics is easy to find, thereby empowering the training department to make the best possible use of the TMS based upon the organizational requirements.

Employee Training Record

An optimal Training Management System (TMS) acts as a single, centralized solution for training management. It is a substantial improvement over managing training using paperwork, spreadsheets, or several computer programs and macros spun together.

A TMS takes away the need to input the same data across several platforms. This feature will reduce the manual effort associated with redundant work and make the information accessible by all concerned parties in real-time via Desktop. Interconnected aspects of the TMS promote process efficiency. In addition, by holding all training information in one centralized hub, this allows accessibility to vital training reports. By focusing on the strategies that work, the training system is simplified.  This makes devising a future course of action more productive and brings value to business-critical decisions.

Even after the introduction of automated systems, such as software for training management, numerous organizations still manage by maintaining several spreadsheets. Such manual arrangements help get by, but do not yield the competitive advantage of using software for training management.

The key advantage that comes with the use of training applications is the streamlining of delivery. Automation helps mitigate the errors associated with manual work. Automated notifications ensure that fewer employees miss training due to the lack of awareness. Instead, employees could plan their schedules in advance, enroll for the training, and provide feedback or input status changes. Automation by TMS is vital component to employee communication consistency. Other features include sending automated emails and providing the training department with searchable templates for use.


Accessing employee data is much simpler with software as compared to using manual spreadsheets. This is a prudent step towards ensuring employees are well trained while on the job. Training management software notoriously has widespread applications for enterprises operating across various domains, including IT, manufacturing, and automotive industries.

  • Helps with the identification of mandatory employee training and untrained employees
  • Identifies expired certifications or the certifications that expire shortly
  • Maintains an inventory for employees’ skills
  • Creates a proactive approach to training, reducing downtime
  • Optimizes training schedules
  • Simplifies cross-referencing of data

Advanced Reporting

HGI’s TMS provides a range of features that will keep its utility for enterprise-grade organizations to small and medium-sized businesses. The screenshots include all the features and benefits of an optimal software solution. The training software offered by Harrington Group International training software has all the above features and benefits. It is the best Software Solution for Learning Management in the current market.

Our software is a state-of-the-art Training system. The feature-rich software is easy to upgrade to from TM2 and TM3. It is Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 10 ready and provides support in 11 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, and Hebrew.

Why You Need To Focus More On Employee Training

Your employees are the foundation of your company. They drive progress and help your business to succeed. By keeping their skill sets up-to-date, you achieve increased employee engagement and increased productivity. This essential investment in your employees’ training will increase engagement, productivity, and overall profitability.

The ideal solution in this scenario is our software. Managing your employees and maintaining records has never been easier, thanks to this software. It has been designed with the needs of end users in mind. Honing the skills of your employees and updating them on new technologies is a must to drive the business forward.  Training management programs can help you do that. With notifications delivered at various time intervals, end users have an opportunity to make changes if necessary. Keeping the system current on certifications approaching expiration can also be done. With automatic notifications delivered prior to expiration, life has been made easier. Companies can now focus on proactively managing their employees’ training, reducing the risk of training expiration. The system is updated regularly, making it impossible to miss important notices.

In addition, Our software can handle the documentation component. Generating training session reports and other relevant documentation can be done automatically. Manual methods and simple spreadsheet solutions are no longer adequate when it comes to managing the vast number of employees. This once tedious task can now be done more efficiently, accurately, and productively. That is why it is essential to procure systems that can support the growth of the company. Solutions have now been introduced for companies to take control of their activities better. These automated solutions can help drive the business toward achieving higher levels of success.

It is time for your firm to invest in solutions to strengthen your foundation, your employees, and procure company growth. After all, your team is indeed the backbone of your company and by investing in their growth and development, you are investing in your company’s future.

Training Competency Linked to Safety Incidents Managed Through Automated System

Multiple areas of the Environmental Health and Safety industry rely on a significant amount of training for their employees. Employee competency is what ensures that compliance and safety are maintained within an organization, thereby mitigating safety risks or incidents.

A crucial reason for an automated training management process is to incorporate training activities into a broader context of safety compliance. This would allow the elimination of manual processes while significantly reducing safety risks due to inconsistent or insufficient training.

The process of training management involves identification of all training requirements, along with the ability to build training programs and identify the employees that require the relevant training. For compliance, this is a critical factor. Without proper training, companies expose themselves to liability due to the increased risk caused by negligent behavior.

For companies to avoid these potential threats, automated training management systems have been developed to significantly improve the management and tracking process of employee training.

  • Change in production process
  • New or different products created
  • Diverse work environment setups
  • Change in daily operational procedures
  • Growth and development trainings

For companies to keep up with a dynamic environment, it is vital for them to consistently keep employees current and educated on the ever-changing nuances in the workplace.

This process can be accomplished through a systematic learning management program. Many different organizations already have a learning management procedure for the company. Each organization’s training management procedure varies concerning complexity. Whether the process is simple or complex, it is critical for businesses to have a training management platform that can track, maintain, and ensure visibility and traceability of all events regarding organizational training.

  • A consistent and efficient training program accessible for all employees that require the relevant training.
  • All employee information regarding training would be scheduled and organized in a central location for authorized members to access.
  • Employee data can be integrated with other systems for use.
  • Combining the training requirements of all requirement groups allows businesses to organize training types and ensure that the correct groups of training receive the right kind of training.
  • Employees’ qualifications can be tested for competency and measured if the right amount of training has been conducted.

Training Manager Software allows users to ensure that their employees have the tools and resources to be qualified and competent in their roles.

This LMS Management Software helps companies identify and manage relevant required training and tracks the completed history of the member’s training, regardless of role within the organizational structure.

HGI provides new and updated versions for our customers and other facilities that keep companies interested and eager to purchase our training management solution. With the current competition in the market, our company seeks to attract users with unique and intriguing benefits. Harrington Group International’s search for user satisfaction is never-ending. We are hyper-focused on quality and maintaining a reputation for delivering only the best services to customers.

Top Employee Training Manager 4.0 Software

HGI’s Training Management Software is the ultimate solution to managing your employee training activities efficiently. As previously stated your employees are the vital backbone of your company. Their performance cannot be disregarded. Instead, they need to be invested in by being provided with adequate training to ensure that they perform their jobs up to standard. This can be a cumbersome and tedious task depending on the scale of the business. Keeping track of and managing the training activities of a considerable workforce is complex. It requires the right tools to be deployed to ensure that the process is addressed timely and efficiently.

That is where Learning Management Software (LMS) comes into play. It can automate the entire operation for your firm, thereby reducing the waste of time and resources associated with a manual process. As a company grows, so does its infrastructure and complexity. Manual methods no longer suffice. The more automation that you can input into the business, the more efficient, productive, and profitable the business will be. It is time to upgrade to better and develop solutions that make life easier.

Harrington’s Desktop Learning Software Systems generates automatic notifications to its end users about upcoming training sessions. That provides a sufficient time frame to plan and schedule. None of your employees will have to miss out on their training again! It will also notify you of employee certification(s) that are nearing expiration. All that helps to make sure that the production activities do not suffer any adverse consequences.

It is also capable of handling the maintenance of records, saving hours of otherwise manual filing and documentation.

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