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Auditing is fundamental for any business concerned with risk management and compliance with industry-specific standards and regulations. Internal audit management software assists enterprises in streamlining audit processes and complying with industry standards and regulations. Software for audit management defines, implements, and monitors auditing procedures. Due to the high regulatory background, the audit system is often used in healthcare, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Audit management tools support compliance specialists and operations managers in scheduling audits and analyzing results. Employees from departments like manufacturing or distribution use this type of software to implement audit procedures and report their managers’ results. An Audit management system should cover multiple types of audits for all departments of a company. Auditing software needs to consolidate data from various systems, such as quality management software, ERP systems, enterprise asset management software, or environmental health and safety software, to deliver optimal results.

What Features Should an Optimal Audit Management Software Include:
  • Standard procedures and templates for multiple types of audits
  • Capture complete information on audits (who audits what, and when)
  • Provide industry-specific best practices for compliance purposes
  • Define specific workflows and tasks to implement audit procedures
  • Monitor auditing processes and recommend corrective actions
  • Schedule audits based on predefined rules that can be customized

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The Auditing tool introduced by Harrington Group, Audit Master 4, is the complete system for creating, scheduling, and managing, in-house and external company audits and surveillances. Audit Master 4, allows you to create and maintain audit checklists, identify areas for improvement, streamline, and implement corrective action processes based on audit findings. Harrington’s Audit Management Software provides businesses with a complete, easy-to-use system for creating and managing audits and surveillances. The software also enables to specify an audit’s scope, establish the frequency, and log requirements and responsibilities for conducting audits in accordance with industry-specific standards.

Audit Master 4.0 – Product Features:

Audit Master 4 provides a business with the specific tools needed to detail an audit’s scope, establish auditing frequency, & conduct audits under ISO and other industry-specific standards.

  • Audit List: Displays a listing of the pending, completed, or overdue audits. Audit List feature enables users to quickly locate audits to enter audit data or check an audit’s status.
  • Audit Record Detail: This form includes fields to describe the audit and identify the auditors and the audit’s current status in terms of completion.
  • Audit Item List: This checklist is used to conduct the audit and shows whether each item in the list has passed or failed. Items can also have notes to describe why it was passed or failed.
  • Advanced Reports: This feature allows printing information users are looking at on the screen immediately and generate reports on audits, audit members, and future audits.
  • HTML Help: Audit Master Software is designed to be user friendly, but help is always available when needed.
  • Sorting and filtering: Simple filtering capabilities let you pull just about any type of information from the database.
  • User Maintenance: Using a password-protected database, Audit Master 4 allows you to control the database access that each user has to individual records and control their rights within each record.
  • User Workgroups: The time spent on controlling access is significantly reduced by placing users in workgroups and using workgroups to control access and assign responsibility.
  • Customizable Fields: Audit Master program can be customized to use an organization’s own terminology. Fields can be added, changed, or removed to fit the specific needs of the organization.
  • E-mail Support: Audit Master 4 now provides e-mail communication. When scheduling a new Audit or updating Audits, it’s a matter of just a few clicks to send notifications to all the members involved.
  • ISO Audit Checklists: Streamline the ISO certification process by utilizing the ISO 9001:2015 compliance standards.
  • Audit Calendar: The included Audit calendar is a beneficial tool to help auditors keep track of important audit scheduling dates to always be aware of when audits are due.

Suggested Retail Price: $1,199 Special Offer: $999

Audit Master Software

Audit Master 4.0 – Product Benefits

An effective auditing system observes the use of documentation on the job to determine if team members are using approved documents and if they are using them correctly. This way, audit software 4 improve efficiency by monitoring for appropriate procedural compliance.

Audit findings directly support the process improvement of an organization. Audits yield performance information for use by managers and their teams in focusing on the areas that need to be addressed and improved. Audits generate awareness and new ideas, which, in turn, generating improved ROI.

Audits allow evaluating findings so that teams can focus on both immediate and long-term solutions for the problems that have been revealed. An effective audit covers all the aspects of the inspected process, reports on undesirable elements, and generates corrective actions and follow-up reviews to ensure problem resolution.

The historical data provided by an auditing process reserves audit results and findings and allows teams to learn and improve from past experiences.

Audit Master 4 streamlines scheduling and allows users to assign and notify teams of their responsibility effectively. The software’s planning and development features provide teams with the ability to produce new audits and checklists or import previously used check sheets for audit deployment.

Audit Master 4 allows users to administer the surveillance process to center on those areas that traditionally experience problems or have had audit concerns in the past. This approach enables audit teams to address known concerns and validate past corrective action activities effectively.

Audit Master 4 software improves responsiveness by producing an automated process that links specific internal audit findings to corrective actions.

Audits provide a detailed review of process elements, allowing teams to evaluate current performance and to study previously identified problem areas. Internal Audit findings are a significant source of data for use in the management review cycle.

Audit Master 4.0 - Product Features

Audit Master 4 sends out e-mails to the appropriate team members instantly include all the necessary information for team members to be aware of, such as upcoming audits, audit results, and associated corrective actions.

Audit notification system runs in the taskbar and provides alerts about audit-related events and tasks.

Audit Master 4 has an entirely new, easy-to-use user interface, including a new record search tool and color highlighting of coming-due and over-due records.

Audit Master version 4 will integrate with C/A 7 to allow users to create corrective actions based on the results of audits, offering better productivity and faster responses to audit results.

The latest Audit Master 4 version is fully compatible with all versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 10.

Audit Master Version 4 includes a straightforward upgrade path from Audit Master 3, even AM3 databases that were integrated with C/A 6, so none of your data will be lost or require re-entry.

How An Internal Audit Planning Software Build a Flexible, Scalable and Configurable Audit Management Workflow

Whether you audit your own organization or other companies, an optimal Audit Management Software in place is a must in the current age. There are indeed many options in the current market for audit management systems. However, with all the added features and benefits of the latest version, we proudly recommend our Audit Master 4 software, as the Best Audit Software in 2022. HGI’s Audit Master 4 is the perfect system for creating and managing your audits and surveillances most productively.

  • The first and foremost required feature is to plan an audit for which you have to set up a process flow. The software should be able to reuse prior audit templates and customize them to prepare a new audit procedure. This ensures scalability and flexibility. Also, based on the ISO Quality management standards, there should be well-defined checklists using which you can validate several criteria and mark them if they pass or fail.
  • Next is scheduling and assigning the audits. Once the audit planning is done, calendars must be updated with the audit dates, and proper auditors should be assigned. Reminders and notification management should be in place to alert the auditors and associated employees before the audit.
  • Email alerts help to give frequent updates on ongoing audits. The reporting feature allows you to extract information about past and ongoing audits and the history of passing the audits.
  • Proper integration with other required systems, such as Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), should be established so that any deviations or audit failures will be reported, assigned, and tracked until resolution. Also, document control with audit software can help to store all the audit data logs, and fixes to refer to at any time.
  • For third-party audits or external audits, the audit persons may conduct the inspection remotely at different times. So, the ability to access the software from anywhere, 24/7 is necessary. That means the software system should be cloud-based and should have proper security algorithms so that only authorized people can log in refer to the checklists and update the audit findings.
  • Access control is needed to allow the availability of internal audit records to employees and people based on their roles. For this, several work groups can be created, such as Auditors, Managers, Issue assignees, etc., under which multiple users can be linked. Then their access levels can be defined, such as if they can only view the internal audit documents or edit them, update the status, and perform managerial roles such as assignment, reporting, escalating, etc. This way, whenever an audit takes place, various workflow steps can be assigned easily to reduce time without having to worry about providing incorrect authority.
  • Customization and Automation: Not all the audit processes are the same. The procedures may vary across industries, and they may vary between audits. So, good software must allow the organization to customize the internal audit templates according to the new audit needs. Automation such as escalating deviations, sending out calendar reminders, and providing email status updates should be in place to decrease the manual effort and eliminate human errors.

You may be running an IT firm or a manufacturing company; what ensures the quality of the products or services is never compromised? And is it meeting the industry standards? Audits are the key to compliance with defined standards and benchmarks. An audit can be an internal one within the company or an external one by third-party audit firms.

For a well-executed audit process, one has to plan, define the internal audit requirements, schedule and conduct audits and track the deviations to correction and completion. Audit management helps an organization streamline audit processes and support the risk and compliance of a company operations.

Audit Management software solution is a system that enables the audit workflow to run smoothly. You can define process flow for all your internal and external audits, reuse the existing audit procedures to schedule a new audit, align the internal audit reports to other systems such as CAPA to fix the identified deviations in standards. For this reason, an audit management system is said to provide you with customizable, scalable, upgradeable, flexible audit procedures.

Harrington Group International’s Audit Master 4 software is the latest audit software you can find in the market that makes sure your audits are properly scheduled and tracked to successful completion. The authorized audit personnel can access the software from anywhere to log their findings or refer to the deviations for correction and prevention. Notification management guarantees that your audits are never missed.

We are certain that quality is your main focus, so we have an in-built audit checklist that outlines the important ISO industry standards. We also understand that every industry has unique audit requirements, so we have developed the best Audit Management system with customizable features through which you can set your Audit management solutions based on the changing needs.

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