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Harrington Group International solutions enable your team to quickly leverage best practices that improve business processes, manage risk and safety, and maximize profits.

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HGI provides this crucial industry with high-level consulting advice, direction through visionary strategic planning, experts to help with the implementation of key strategic initiatives, educational and training programs tailored for every employee from the CXO to the man on the rig, and a suite of QMS and Risk and Safety Management Systems that support individual accountability and control throughout all dimensions of your current and future businesses. HGI solutions enable your team to quickly leverage best practices that improve business processes, manage risk and safety, and maximize profits.

HGI provides creative and economically effective measures and tools to enhance key drivers of shareholder value:  customers, employees, supply chain, products, and services. Our products and services have been utilized by global as well as regional companies for exploration, development, capacity building, operational performance, distribution, retail operations management and control systems.  Key software systems include:

Corrective/Preventive ActionReduce Risk through CAPA: Utilize the 8D or 7D processes to: designate team members, define and contain problems, determine/verify root causes, implement both interim and permanent Corrective Actions, and validate the effectiveness of your Corrective Actions.

Supplier Issue/Action Management Managing your Supply Chain:  Our Supplier Issue/Action Management system allows you to manage supplier issues and suggestions, rapidly expedite resolution strategies and take fast action to resolve issues that have the highest impact on schedule and cost performance.

Safety and Audit ManagementAssists your organization in managing safety audits, meetings and OSHA/WSB reporting.  Record, track and report safety related incidents, lost time and near misses to ensure proper documentation and trends are easily identified and mitigated.

Document Control: allows you to store, manage, share and control all of your documents across your entire enterprise. Integration and collaboration with other applications such as CAPA and Audit Management ensure fast, secure access to the latest version of documents and procedures.

Training Manager Software: Maintaining a compliant workforce: TM ensures employee job quality and compliance by managing personnel skill sets and certifications, while streamlining course management activities. Training Management allows users to track and maintain qualifications for all employees. It will simplify training processes and alert management and employees when required trainings are coming due. Meet OSHA requirements and compliance.

Compliance: Keep on top of your permits, compliance and legal requirements: Track critical dates and activities tied to maintaining compliance with regulatory standards, permits and other legal requirements through one centralized database. Automated task e-mails prompt appropriate employees with action items and track completion. Meet OSHA requirements. Since our founding, HGI has focused on supporting enterprises involved in compliance initiatives such as; ISO 29001, specific to the oil and gas industry, as well as ISO 9001:2015, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, AS 9001, TL 9000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485, Sarbanes-Oxley, HACCP, and other international standards.

HGI has global experience in providing executive seminars, advising clients of best practices, including safety and security measures; education and training programs for all employees in the organization, and providing software and consulting tools for the following:

    • Corporate and Business Unit Growth Strategy
    • Innovation Assessment and Catalysts for Innovation
    • Total Improvement Management
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Aligning Strategic Goals
    • Quality Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Advanced Marketing and Branding
  • Harada Method and Kaizen Method

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