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Supplier Management Module Features

HQMS Supplier Management system stores supplier data in a centralized location in order to perform cross-module analysis. The  HQMS Supplier Management application allows users to search through a list of suppliers for referencing to parts issues within the system, contact information to order parts, or gather general information about suppliers.

You can merge all your suppliers into one location that is easy for all your employees to access from anywhere at any time.  It is secure from outside influences at all times. With direct links to CAPA, Root Cause Analysis and other modules, HQMS Supplier Management allows users power through simplicity.

Keeping supplier data all in one place makes it quick and easy to add, remove, or change suppliers as required.  It makes interaction with co-workers about suppliers that much easier by making all the same information available to everyone.

Notes about suppliers make it much easier to choose between suppliers with the same product. Comparing prices is easy with contact information for all potential suppliers at your fingertips .  You have  notes on which suppliers might deliver late or tend to have more defects than others. These things all add up to getting the best product for the best price, and that is what quality management is all about.


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