04 Jul 2018
CAPA Software

Prioritizing Corrective Actions

Even with systems to address the management of corrective actions, there are many companies that still fail in the process. Many may not realize, but the majority are going about it the wrong way.

In many companies, corrective actions are an everyday procedure. There they take action to correct issues regarding nonconformances, complaints or safety issues. In this process, with the number of corrective actions in the system piling up, you tend to lose focus. That is where CAPA Software needs to make provisions for prioritization.

Many tend to waste time and effort on low-risk corrective actions while high-risk ones pile away. Therefore, a system must be in place within the CAPA Software solution to help prioritize these corrective actions. A system that helps address high-risk issues first and move on to the rest depending on the risk involved. That will help solve the more pressing problems first and foremost

In a system where a vast number of corrective actions are being added regularly, corrective measures need to be findable. That means that you need to be able to access specific corrective actions easily. That is also another matter which will be solved with prioritization of corrective actions.

With these tricks up your sleeve or rather in your CAPA Software, you can improve the effectiveness of CAPA. Gone are the days of classifying every corrective action under human errors. Reduce the risk and recurrence of issues with proper prioritization of corrective actions

The solution introduced by Harrington Group International for CAPA management indeed speaks for itself. With countless features and benefits, it has driven many companies towards effective CAPA management. It is your turn now. Make sure that you address CAPA the right way with the right tools. Call the HGINT team now to find out how to do that.

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