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CAPA Software / Corrective Actions Software Benefits

What is the purpose of corrective action?

Corrective action is a critical component of quality management. It aims to rectify tasks, processes, and products when any one factor produces errors or deviates from an intended plan–corrective actions can be thought about as improvements that eliminate undesirable effects in order for organizations to run smoothly.

In this passage, we see what exactly corrective measures are: They’re highly effective means used by companies with regards to their objective, which makes them crucial components not only for businesses’ success but also for their longevity!


What is CAPA and why is it important?

CAPA means Corrective and Preventive Actions. CAPA is an integral part of quality management and plays a key role in documenting actions taken to prevent problems before they arise. CAPAs ensure that the necessary information for management review has been communicated, as well as verifying preventive activities such as validating preventive actions with corrective ones; this ensures accurate record keeping during any given situation.



Learn about HQMS Corrective Action Software System

With HQMS Corrective Actions Software (CAPA Software) you can combine all of your Corrective Action needs throughout your business to manage and track issues online at anytime from anywhere in the world 24/7 with a standard 5D, 7D, or 8D problem solving process.

HQMS Corrective Action Software provides a systematic approach for documenting your corrective actions and includes relevant employees in the process. The power of the HQMS Corrective Action lies in its’ ability to help end–users resolve costly issues quickly and efficiently.

HQMS Corrective Action Software or CAPA Software provides full management of all corrective actions as well as a centralized system for recording nonconformities and all related information including root causes.

CAPA Software Management Corrective And Preventive Actions Software Centralized System

  • HQMS Corrective Actions (capa software) application let users categorize all types of issues, assign responsibility, initiate tasks, preventive and root-cause analysis actions, and add affected parts, locations, and references to each record as well.
  • The customizable and secure HQMS Corrective Actions application forces resolutions by making issues highly visible and getting the right people on the job. You decide who has access and who does not.
  • The HQMS Corrective Action provides for documentation of activities required to contain, isolate, and correct a noted problem or deficiency.
  • Data–entry fields are provided to describe the issue, identify its extent, document all containment activities and record all actions taken to eliminate the problem.
  • With the HQMS Corrective Action flexible reporting system it’s easy to create custom reports, charts, and graphs based on existing data. Management reports provide for trend analysis of Corrective Actions in order to verify effectiveness of these activities.
  • HQMS Corrective Action will help you achieve compliance with any standard including the latest ISO 9001:2015 standard through the powerful functionality of its applications.

Unique to HQMS is the ability to track the actions taken by each team-member as each issue is worked through resolution. Records are searchable based on queries so it can function like a knowledge base. Follow-up is assured and automatically documented by the issuance of post-dated action items.

Corrective Action and Preventive Action Capa Software


What does Corrective and Preventive Action Software provide for your organization?

It is always a looming question on everyone’s mind as to what should it do exactly. Not knowing what Corrective and Preventive Action Software should be capable of, can lead to you resorting to a less-than-optimum solution. With that being off the table, here’s what you need to know about the typical features of CAPA software.

Corrective and Preventive Action Software is usually developed to be capable of tracking corrective actions. Monitoring and generating reports of the remedial actions taken is an extremely helpful feature in CAPA process. It helps to continuously stay on top of what’s going on in the company in terms of CAPA Management.

Also, corrective actions are not an isolated area. Instead, it dependent upon many departments and therefore, need to be interconnected to each other. Such integration is essential to make changes happen. Corrective actions ultimately do result in action being taken. To add visibility to this process and to help keep track, integration is a must.

Also, it is necessary to make sure that the corrective actions that you took have yielded the required result. Reduction in risk and minimizing chances of recurrence to within acceptable limits are commonly needed results. The Corrective Action Software that you use should be capable of measuring this effectiveness of the actions taken. Although this appears to be a manual evaluation in most cases, the software needs to make provisions to sustain the qualitative evaluation results in a quantitative manner.

These are but a few tips on selecting a more suitable CAPA software solution that will suit your firm. With Harrington Group International’s software solution to back you, you can get it all. Our unparalleled expertise and experience have led us to develop the best of solutions for the business world. Our CAPA software being among those. Want to find out more? Call our hotline right away.

Prioritizing Corrective Actions of an Organization – CAPA Management

  • Identifying the Problem
  • Research and Investigation
  • Applying Corrective Action Plan
  • Implementing a Preventive Action Strategy
  • Verification Process

Even with systems to address the management of corrective actions, there are many companies that still fail in the process. Many may not realize, but the majority are going about it the wrong way.

In many companies, corrective actions are an everyday procedure. Which they take action to correct issues regarding performance, complaints or safety issues. In this process, with the number of corrective actions in the system piling up, you tend to lose focus. That is where CAPA Solution needs to make provisions for prioritization.

Many tend to waste time and effort on low-risk corrective actions while high-risk ones pile away. Therefore, a system must be in place within the CAPA process solution to help prioritize these corrective actions. A system that helps address high-risk issues first and move on to the rest depending on the risk involved. That will help solve the more pressing problems first and foremost.

In a system where a vast number of corrective actions are being added regularly, corrective measures need to be findable. That means that you need to be able to access specific corrective actions easily. That is also another matter which will be solved with prioritization of corrective actions.

With these tricks up your sleeve or rather in your CAPA Software, you can improve the effectiveness of CAPA. Gone are the days of classifying every corrective action under human errors. Reduce the risk and recurrence of issues with proper prioritization of corrective actions.

The solution introduced by Harrington Group International for CAPA management indeed speaks for itself. With countless features and benefits, it has driven many companies towards effective CAPA management. It is your turn now. Make sure that you address CAPA the right way with the right tools. Call the HGINT team now to find out how to do that.

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