24 Jul 2018
Training Competency Linked With Safety Incidents Managed Through Automated Training

Training Competency Linked With Safety Incidents Managed Through Automated Training

Multiple areas of the Environmental Health and Safety industry generally rely on a significant amount of training of employees. Competency of an employee is what ensures that safety is maintained within an organization to avoid any safety incidents.
Other than training, the management change is something that occurs every day within a company. Different forms of management change could include:

  • Changes in the processes of production.
  • New or different products creation.
  • Diverse work environment setups.

For companies to keep up with the fast cycle of change, it is vital for them to consistently keep employees updated and educated on how to maintain their pace with the process of change in the workplace.

This process can be done through a systematic training management programs.
Many different organizations already have a training management procedure for the company. Each organization’s training management procedure varies concerning complexity. Whether the process is simple or complex, it is critical for businesses to have a training management procedure that can track, maintain, and ensure visibility and traceability of all events regarding organizational training.

So why is it necessary to automate the training procedure?

The pre-eminent reason for an automated training management process could allow incorporating training activities to a broad context of compliance in safety. This would allow the elimination of the need for processes that are manual while significantly reducing unfavorable risks in safety due to inconsistent or insufficient training.

The process of training management, however, involves identification of all requirements for training along with the ability to build training programs and identify the employees that require the relevant training. For compliance, this is a critical factor. Without proper training, companies may be lead to a higher possibility of risk, non-compliance, issues with safety and cause a liability due to errors caused by incompetent employees.

For companies to avoid these potential threats that they may face, automated training management systems have been developed significantly for the management and tracking process of employee training.

  • The capabilities of a training management system may include:
  • A consistent and efficient training program would be in place at all times for all employees that require the relevant training.
  • All employee information regarding training would be scheduled and organized in a central location for authorized members to access.
  • Employee data can be integrated with other systems for use.
  • Combining training requirements of all requirement groups which would allow businesses to organize training types and ensure correct groups of training receive the right kind of training.
  • Employees’ qualification can be tested for training and measured if the right amount of training has been conducted.

Harrington Group International is an organization that offers business software solutions to companies worldwide.
HGI developed the “Training Manager Software” with which users can be ensured that their employees are competent and qualified enough for their positions.

This Training Manager Software helps companies identify and manage the relevant training which would be required to be implemented by each organizational member and then track the complete history of the member’s training.

HGI provides new and updated versions for our supporter and other facilities that keep companies interested and eager to purchase our Training Manager Software.

With the current competition in the market, our company seeks to attract our users with unique and intriguing benefits.

Harrington Group International’s search for user satisfaction is never-ending which therefore sustains focus on quality and seeks to maintain a reputation for delivering only the best services to customers.

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