04 Jul 2018
Corrective Action Software

What Should Corrective Action Software Do?

It is always a looming question on everyone’s mind as to what should it do exactly. Not knowing what Corrective Action Software should be capable of, can lead to you resorting to a less-than-optimum solution. With that being off the table, here’s what you need to know about the typical features of CAPA software.

Corrective Action Software is usually developed to be capable of tracking corrective actions. Monitoring and generating reports of the remedial actions taken is an extremely helpful feature in CAPA. It helps to continuously stay on top of what’s going on in the company in terms of CAPA.

Also, corrective actions are not an isolated area. Instead, it is dependent upon many departments and therefore, need to be interconnected to each. Such integration is essential to make changes happen. Corrective actions ultimately do result in action being taken. To add visibility to this process and to help keep track, integration is a must.

Also, it is necessary to make sure that the corrective actions that you took have yielded the required result. Reduction in risk and minimizing chances of recurrence to within acceptable limits are commonly needed results. The Corrective Action Software that you use should be capable of measuring this effectiveness of the actions taken. Although this appears to be a manual evaluation in most cases, the software needs to make provisions to sustain the qualitative evaluation results in a quantitative manner.

These are but a few tips on selecting a more suitable CAPA software solution that will suit your firm. With Harrington Group International’s software solution to back you, you can get it all. Our unparalleled expertise and experience have led us to develop the best of solutions for the business world. Our CAPA software being among those. Want to find out more? Call our hotline right away.

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