This guide will provide you with basic troubleshooting questions to investigate before contacting technical support.

1. When did the problem first start?
2. Has the system ever worked properly?
3. Does the issue occur to only one user or to all users?
4. Does the issue occur in only one specific module/area of the program or does it occur in all modules?
5. What was the last thing done (to the system) prior to the failure?
6. Is the issue intermittent or ongoing/constant?
7. Are there any error messages? If so, what is/are the specific error messages?
8. Has any (new) hardware been added to the server or workstations?
9. Has any (new) software been added to the server or workstations (including downloads from the Internet)?
10. Has anything changed with the system (e.g., has it been moved, service packed, defragmented) since the issue presented itself?
11. Has anyone else had access to the system?
12. Are there any environmental factors that could be causing the issue?
13. Have you done any troubleshooting on the system on your own?
14. Does the issue occur when logged-in at the server itself (and not from a workstation via a network or internet connection)?
15. Have you restarted IIS (internet information services) on the server?
16.Have you restarted the operating system?