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Harrington Group’s CAPA Software is a world class Corrective Actions Software
Corrective Action (CAPA Software)

CAPA Management Software Benefits:

CAPA signifies Corrective and Preventive Actions. Corrective and preventive action software is an integral part of quality management and plays a crucial role in documenting actions taken to prevent problems before they arise. It ensure that the necessary information for management review has been communicated. It verifies preventive activities, such as validating preventive actions with associated corrective actions. This ensures accurate record-keeping throughout any given situation.

Corrective action is a critical component of quality management. It seeks to rectify tasks, processes, and products that produces errors or deviates from the intended plan. Corrective actions can be thought as improvements to eliminate undesirable effects, thereby resulting in efficient organizations.

What can be considered corrective measures? They are highly effective means to stay on course with company’s vision and objectives, making them crucial components for businesses’ success and longevity!

With HQMS Corrective Actions Software (CAPA Software), you can combine all your Corrective Action needs on all facets of your business in order to manage and track issues online. This can be accomplished anytime from anywhere in the world, 24/7, with a standard 5D, 7D, or 8D problem-solving process.

HQMS Corrective Action Software systematically documents your corrective actions and includes applicable employees in the process. The power of the HQMS Corrective Action lies in its ability to help end–users resolve costly issues quickly and efficiently.

HQMS corrective and preventive action software provides full management of all disciplinary actions; it is a centralized system for recording discrepancies and all related information, including root causes.

Corrective & Preventive Management Centralized System

Corrective Action and Preventive Action Capa Software
  • HQMS Corrective Actions Software (CAPA software) application lets users categorize all types of issues, assign responsibility, initiate tasks, log preventive and root-cause-analysis actions, and tag affected parts, locations, and references to each record.
  • The customizable and secure HQMS corrective actions application forces resolutions by making issues highly visible and involving the right people at the right time. You decide who has access and who does not.
  • The HQMS corrective action documents activities required to contain, isolate, and correct a noted problem or deficiency.
  • Data–entry fields are provided to describe the issue, identify its scope, document all containment activities, and record all actions taken to eliminate the problem.
  • The HQMS Corrective Action flexible reporting system makes it easy to create custom reports, charts, and graphs based on existing data. Management reports provide for trend analysis of Corrective Actions to verify the effectiveness of said activities.
  • HQMS Corrective Action Software (CAPA Software) will help you achieve compliance with any standard, including the latest ISO 9001:2015 standard, through the powerful functionality of its applications.

Unique to HQMS is the ability to track the actions taken by each team member as each issue is worked through resolution. Records are searchable based on queries, functioning similarly to a knowledge base. Follow-up is assured and automatically documented by the issuance of post-dated items.





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What does Corrective and Preventive Action Software provide for your organization?

It is always a looming question on everyone’s mind as to what it should do exactly. Not knowing what CAPA Systems/Corrective & Preventive Action Software should be capable of can lead to you resorting to a less-than-optimum solution. Here is what you need to know about the typical features of CAPA System/Corrective Action Software:


  • Capable of tracking corrective actions
  • Monitoring and generating reports of the remedial actions taken
  • CAPA Management status is current in real-time
  • Corrective actions interconnected between different departments, giving more visibility

It is essential to have a high-level view of all issues and corrective actions, spreading over various facets of the business, to create change and positive momentum. Corrective actions ultimately do result in action being undertaken; however, integration is key to adding visibility and retaining a record log.

It is vital to ensure that the corrective actions taken have yielded the desired result. Commonly needed results include risk reduction and minimizing odds of recurrence to an acceptable range. The corrective action system used should be capable of measuring corrective action effectiveness. Although this appears to be a commonly manual evaluation, the software utilized needs to make provisions to sustain the qualitative evaluation results in a quantitative manner.

These are but a few tips on selecting a CAPA software solution that will suit and exceed your company’s needs. With Harrington Group International’s software solution to support you, a customizable approach will present you with everything that your company needs and more. Our unparalleled expertise and experience have led us to develop the best solutions for the business world, with our CAPA program being among them.


Prioritizing Corrective Actions of an Organization – CAPA Management

  • Identifying the Problem
  • Research and Investigation
  • Corrective Action Plan Application
  • Preventive Action Strategy Implementation
  • Verification Process

There are many companies that still fail in the process of CAPA management, even with systems to address the management of corrective actions. Many may not realize that there is a more efficient and productive way to achieve the same goal, thereby resulting in saved costs and increased profitability.


In many companies, corrective actions are an everyday practice within the facets of performance, compliance, and safety issues. As corrective actions in the system accumulate, focus tends to be lost. This is where the CAPA solution needs to make provisions for prioritization, in order to help achieve efficiency in completion.

Many companies tend to waste time and effort on low-risk corrective actions while high-risk actions pile up. Therefore, a system must be in place within the CAPA process solution to help prioritize these corrective actions; a system that helps address high-risk issues first and move on to the rest according to risk level involved. This would help solve the more pressing challenges first and foremost.

In a system where a vast number of corrective actions are being added regularly, corrective measures need to be searchable. This means that one needs to be able to access specific corrective actions with speed and ease. By prioritizing corrective actions, searchability of corrective actions would be resolved.

With these tricks up your sleeve, or rather in your CAPA Software, you can improve the effectiveness of CAPA Management. Gone are the days of classifying every corrective action as human error. Reduce the risk and recurrence of issues with proper prioritization of corrective actions.

The solution introduced by Harrington Group International for CAPA management indeed speaks for itself. With countless features and benefits, it has driven many companies toward effective CAPA management. It is your turn now. Make sure that you address CAPA the right way with the right tools, the right resources, and the right support partner.

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