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Best vendor I’ve encountered in my 49 years

“There is no way for me to adequately praise the level of customer support that Harrington International provide for their software. Best vendor I’ve encountered in my 49 years of working in IT.”

Sr Principal S/W Dev Analyst
Major Aerospace Company

The Software is very flexible

“There are six fabrication facilities within my group. We started testing Harrington’s HQMS in one of them. We were so impressed with the Corrective Action [module] that we launched the use of this software into the other five facilities in 9 months later. The software is very flexible. The user can give access to only those people who are involved or need to know of an issue and restrict access to anyone else. This saves on the e-mail clutter while informing everyone who needs to know of an issue. While flexible from an access point of view, it also provides discipline to the corrective action process since it requires that a stepwise approach very similar to the 8D process be followed. Our external auditors love the traceability this provides.”

Bonnie Smith
Senior Quality Engineer
Owens Corning

Meets our needs for capability while exceeding our expectations

“Just wanted to comment on the success of caWeb in IAE’s Corrective Action Request and Reporting (CARR) System application. We are well along the path toward full conversion to your Internet based product and are finding that it meets our needs for capability while exceeding our expectations for ease of use. The intuitive nature of the system simplifies the expansion of its use throughout the organization with minimal requirements for guidance and administration.
As you are aware, IAE is an international aerospace consortium including Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, MTU and Japanese Aero Engines Corp. with development, manufacturing, assembly, overhaul and customer support facilities literally across the face of the globe. CaWeb has improved communication among nearly 100 broadly diverse individuals and offices, facilitating improved problem reporting, material management supporting investigations and corrective action reporting.
IAE Quality Assurance is absolutely certain that our goals for simplified issue management, reduced reconciliation effort and improved response time will be achieved through the functionality of caWeb. We are confident that our customers and we will benefit, as a result, with significantly improved solutions to identified opportunities and the inevitable reduction in recurrences.
Thank you for your product and your exceptional support during our conversion.”

John Sacha
IAE Mgr, Quality Systems
International Aero Engines

HQMS was by far the most “Bang for the Buck”

“My overall experience with Harrington Group has been outstanding. The employees express a passion for their jobs and the products you sell. It is wonderful to be able to pick up the phone and call a live person who quickly assess your questions/problems to answer them or transfer you to the exact person who has the answer. I have never had to go more than one transfer to find an answer. The training session we had at your facility was extremely helpful in communicating the overall design and functionality of HQMS. By applying the principles learned on one module to other modules I was able to customize the tool quickly and easily for our business and deploy to our initial test group.
When I was first reviewing the various tools on the market, I rated them against our job function needs, out of the box functionality, modularity, scalability, the company’s ability to resist economic downturn for future support considerations, and of course financial impact of purchasing the tool. HQMS was by far the most “bang for the buck”. When I was presenting the tool in various presentations trying to get funding for it, I was presented with some negative feedback. I want to share that with you and my response because I believe it truly depicts the market niche Harrington Group has found. The comment was “it’s like buying a Corvette for the cigarette lighter” and I responded with “exactly”. We aren’t here to buy a Ferrari nor are we here to pay the high maintenance costs. If you want the best priced and lowest maintenance cost sports car, then you buy a Corvette. Sure when you first get it you may only park the car in the garage and move it in and out to wash it. Although, once you start really driving a Corvette you quickly realize how much fun it is and that there is a lot of technology and features built in just begging to be utilized. This is exactly why I chose HQMS.
The plan was and still is to only release a few modules in the first phase. Then as users become comfortable, we will release more functionality and increase their rights within the tool, so they can be efficient and more productive. I have already been contacted by three other business groups to work on incorporating them into the tool. So far, the vision for HQMS here is coming to fruition. Provided the support at Harrington Group continues to remain top notch, I am confident we will be continuing to work together expanding HQMS’s use across the company and the Globe.”

Jake Soling
Sr. Product Development Quality Engineer
Honeywell Aerospace

Energizer and Harrington’s Customer Service

“As an IT Analyst I work with many software vendors in support of multiple lines of business for a multinational company and there is no other software vendor that offers the support, customer service and value better than the Harrington Group.”

Joseph C. Simmons
IT Technical Analyst
Energizer Personal Care Div.

Team members are Extremely helpful, informative, and supportive

“When it comes to product support and account management, your team members are EXTREMELY helpful, informative, and supportive …THAT is true Customer Service – and trust me I am one satisfied Customer.
Regarding Harrington Products – I have used them extensively over the last 5 years. Doc System / Issue Management / Audit Master / Supplier Rating System are EXCELLENT programs and have enabled me to successfully implement two Quality Systems (ISO9002 / QS9000) for our company. I would highly recommend your products (and do on almost a daily basis) to anyone looking to implement an ISO/QS9000 based Quality System.
Not only are they extremely easy to use (all Windows /Access based as opposed to Lotus Notes), but they are also very affordable on the budget. Our company is rapidly expanding, and we now have 4 companies utilizing Harrington products.
Recently, I returned from Austria where they viewed my Doc System & CA5 (on the laptop). Their request – how do we get them for our site? We would like to put the entire corporation into Harrington products. Again, I thank you for all of your assistance…”

Michael D. Polinko
Director of Quality Assurance
Neuman Aluminum USA

BHP Billiton

“The flexibility and stability of the system has always impressed me. I have over the years really enjoyed the user friendliness of all the products that Harrington has to offer.”

Nick Cavalieratos
Risk Manager
BHP Billiton • South Africa

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