21 Jun 2018
Fraud control plans
Fraud Control Plans One of the most significant plans by universal public companies as well as many private companies is focusing on a fraud control plan. A fraud control plan is generally established to detect, prevent, and have a tactical approach towards fraud that may occur for the company. Although this may seem like a [...]
20 Jun 2018
Supplier Visibility
Ways To Improve Supplier Visibility Decisions that are data-driven have been longing to achieve improvements in quality for a long while now. But, how would supplier visibility be improved through the use of a Quality Management System? All companies that depend on suppliers or vendors to offer their services adequately to match the quality standard [...]
19 Jun 2018
Steps To Make Validation Less Complicated A Quality Management System can be defined as a software system that is formalized to document procedures, processes, and employees responsible to achieve top quality policies and organizational objectives. However, validation is a step that is one of the most time-consuming processes when implementing a Quality Management Software in [...]
18 Jun 2018
ISO certification
ISO Certification One of the critical points that really involves the understanding of a Quality Management System is knowing what exactly ISO is. A Quality Management System is a software system for businesses that is used to offer services that ensure better organizational effectiveness. For improvement in performance within a company, considering the current market [...]
17 Jun 2018
Training For Continuous Improvement. Training has to be one of the most critical factors for ensuring employee efficiency for organizational success. No matter the amount of high-quality software provided for the company, it's the employees that will be utilizing these software products. This means that without proper competency to operate the software, the company could [...]