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HQMS is our flagship World-class software for Enterprise process improvement, Compliance, and quality management.

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Product Features

HQMS software has too many features to show in one place. The following screenshots are just highlights of some of the more prominent features.

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Product Benefits

HQMS software is a comprehensive business process improvement and quality management system designed to enable businesses to optimize …

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Reports and Queries

HQMS software is capable of generating presentation-quality reports.

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Product Brochure

View and Download a Product Brochure: HQMS software Brochure

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Harrington’s Quality Control Software System

HQMS is our flagship world-class software for process improvement, and compliance. It addresses the needs of manufacturing, aerospace, medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare, government, and other service industries.

HQMS was designed to manage five key drivers of shareholder value: HQMS Online Quality Management Software System Provider

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Supply Chain
  • Products
  • Services

It is an “all-in-one” software solution.

Our Software brings you a cutting-edge solution for your quality management planning with applications for quality monitoring and assurance to get your product ready and compliant with speedy access to the market. Harrington’s Online Quality Control Software System is one of the best software in the marketplace.

Times have changed and that means changing with them is a necessity to ensure competitiveness and the success of your business. While the general practices and management systems behind quality management have remained more or less the same over the years, the systems and solutions required to succeed today and guarantee both compliance with standards and satisfaction across the value chain have evolved. Many systems that were once suitable are incapable of addressing today’s requirements. In order to do so in an effective way, utilizing an excellent enterprise quality management system that allows you to optimize quality processes is necessary.

#1 Online Quality Control Software with Customers since 1991

QMS Software System is the premier web-based quality control software solution of the future. It allows for the standardization of quality practices throughout your business while remaining flexible enough to support your changing business needs with a high level of connectivity. ISO 9001 Quality Control Software will assist you in not only meeting, but far surpassing your company’s quality goals while simultaneously increasing both supplier and customer satisfaction by delivering solutions that provide unprecedented levels of transparency, accountability, and control throughout your business and supplier networks.

With its Document Control, Auditing, Training, Corrective and Preventative Action/CAPA, Non-conformance and new Risk and Risk Management modules, Harrington’s Quality software (TQM) is an invaluable tool to assist your business in meeting and to exceed the new ISO 9001:2015 standard and many others.

Harrington’s Quality Control software solutions is our comprehensive solution to your quality needs and will enable your business to quickly leverage best practices to improve quality and efficiency while reducing risk and costly mistakes. With a wide variety of features and modules, HQMS is the standard by which all other online quality Control software products are measured. It will greatly aid you in tackling any quality problem you may face.

HQMS  offers the latest in Cloud Based – Agile – SAAS – CAAS – Edge Computing technologies.

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Call us today at: 1-800-ISO-9000 to find out more on our software

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