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HQMS is our flagship world-class software for enterprise process improvement, compliance and quality management.

Harrington's Quality Control Software System

Harrington Quality Management Software (HQMS) is our flagship world-class software for process improvement, compliance and EQMS Online Quality Management Software System. It addresses the needs of manufacturing, aerospace, medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare, government and other service industries. EQMS was designed to manage five key drivers of shareholder value: customers, employees, supply chain, products, and services. It is an “all-in-one” solution.

The Harrington’s quality control software brings you a cutting edge solution for your quality management plan with applications for quality monitoring and assurance to get your product ready and compliance and speedy access to the market. Our Online Quality Management Software System is one of the best online quality management software’s in the market.

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Product Features

QMS software has too many features to show in one place. The following screenshots are just highlights of some of the more prominent features.


Product Benefits

QMS software is a comprehensive business process improvement and quality management system designed to enable businesses to optimize …


Reports and Queries

QMS software is capable of generating presentation-quality reports, along with flexible analysis, and diagnostic capabilities, or advanced interactive…


Product Brochure

View and Download a Product Brochure: HQMS software Brochure

Primary Applications


Audit Management

HQMS Audit Management enables you to streamline your entire audit cycle from creation to closure. Whether in-house or remote…


Training Management

HQMS Training Management provides a centralized system to plan and track all of your training-related activities, including training requirements,…


Opportunity for Improvement

HQMS Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) provides a systematic set of steps to analyze any opportunity for improvement. OFI contains….


Root Cause Analysis

HQMS was designed to assist users in their efforts to successfully get to the heart of an issue and resolve it through the Root Cause Analysis…


Non Conformance

Through the Material Non-Conformance (MNC) application you can document non-conformances with physical items and the disposition of each item. The…


Preventive Action

The HQMS Preventive Action application provides the foundation for your team’s issue prevention and management needs. The power of HQMS Preventive…


Corrective Action

With HQMS Corrective Action you combine all of your Corrective Action needs throughout your business to manage and track issues online at anytime…


Document Control

HQMS Document Control allows you to create, manage, and share all types of documents throughout the entire organization. The HQMS Document Revision…


Equipment Calibration

Organizations rely heavily on specialized tools and equipment that must be periodically calibrated. In order to avoid numerous problems, software is…


Project Coordinator

The HQMS Project manager application allows you to set up employee access to a project record, request management review of this record, view or…

Risk Management Software Icon

Risk Management

HQMS Risk Management helps you document, analyze and track mitigation of risks in your organization, such as manufacturing non-conformances customer and…

Associated Applications


Customer Management

HQMS Customer Management allows you to arrange all your customers into a single database with direct links to CA/PA, Root Cause Analysis,…


Asset Management

HQMS Asset Management Application allows you to manage all company assets using one easy to use tool. You may associate your asset to a calibration…


Contact Management

HQMS Contact Management allows you to securely incorporate the records of every person your company works with, into one central location,…


Group Management

With HQMS Group Management you can Organize your operation to maximize its efficiency through user groups and minimize time spent setting…


Supplier Management

HQMS Supplier Management stores supplier data in a centralized location in order to perform cross-module analysis. The HQMS Supplier Management…


Task Management

The HQMS Task Management application allows for quick and easy determination of the productivity of users within the system. Tasks that are overdue…


Management Action

HQMS Management Action is used for a variety of situations. In general, Management Actions can be used for any scenario that requires planning,…


Notification Management

With HQMS Notification Management, you can combine all your quality management notifications in one place using the internet and active server pages…


Meeting Management

Accessible via the Internet from work, at home, or while traveling, HQMS Meeting Management provides a centralized system to plan and track all of…


User Management

HQMS User Management provides access to its database through passwords to users that have been given authorization within the system. Managing these…


Parts Management

HQMS Parts Management tracks the history of every part in the system and allows tracking of changes to the part description and the addition and…


Executive Summary Dashboard

HQMS Executive Summary Dashboard is an easy to read, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status (snapshot) and…

Enterprise Quality Management Software & Quality Control Software Solution

Times have changed and that means changing with them is a necessity in order to ensure competitiveness and the success of your business. While the general practices and management systems behind quality management have remained more or less the same over the years, the systems and solutions required to succeed today and guarantee both compliance with standards and satisfaction across the value chain have evolved. Many systems that were once suitable are incapable of addressing today’s requirements. In order to do so in an effective way, utilizing excellent enterprise quality management system that allows you to optimize quality processes is necessary.

Online Quality Control Software

Harrington Online Quality Management Software (HQMS) is our comprehensive, world-class quality management solution for your process improvement, compliance and a multitude of other needs. It is used by businesses across the spectrum, including companies in the: aerospace, medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare, government and service industries. These successful use quality management software for manufacturing, in part, to maintain the established business processes necessary to manage the five key drivers of shareholder value: customers, employees, supply chain, products, and services.

Online Quality Management Software and Quality Control Software

Make no mistake; QMS Software System is the premier web-based quality management software solution of the future. It allows for the standardization of quality practices throughout your business while remaining flexible enough to support your changing business needs with a high level of connectivity. ISO 9001 quality management software will assist you in not only meeting but far surpassing your company’s quality goals while simultaneously increasing both supplier and customer satisfaction by delivering solutions that provide unprecedented levels of transparency, accountability, and control throughout your business and supplier networks.

With its Document Control, Auditing, Training, Corrective and Preventative Action/CAPA, Non-conformance and new Risk and Risk Management modules, Quality systems software is an invaluable tool to assist your business in meeting and to exceed the new ISO 9001:2015 standard and many others.

Quality management software solutions is our comprehensive solution to your quality needs and will enable your business to quickly leverage best practices to improve quality and efficiency while reducing risk and costly mistakes. With a wide variety of features and modules, HQMS is the standard by which all other online quality management software products are measured. It will greatly aid you in tackling any quality problem you may face and, most importantly, systematically preventing others from occurring altogether.

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