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Document Control

HQMS Document Management Software allows you to create, manage, and share all types of documents throughout the entire organization. The HQMS Document Management Software Revision Control Module provides end users with a fully customizable, secure document archive to store and catalog all priority documentation. The foundation of the Document Revision Control Module lies in its ability to manage and assign user specific access rights to corresponding documents and related records.

  • Manage your documents on–line anytime from anywhere in the world 24/7.
  • Manage all controlled and uncontrolled documents.
  • Manages all document revisions by user, date, current revision and approvals.
  • Produce reports and graphs through our powerful query feature.
  • Link and references documents to any file. You decide who has access and who does not.
  • Provides full management of controlled and uncontrolled documents.
  • Data Security based on user and document access criteria.

An underlying functionality of HQMS Document Control Software is References Management, which allows documents to be uploaded for quick and easy reference to other related modules or records. Hyperlinks can be added to cross reference any document in the system. References Management allows for links between any application record for easy cross referencing of information. It easily cross references associated modules with all other modules.

The power and flexibility of the Document Control system within HQMS is clear.  Document Control allows complete control over access to restricted documents and instant accessibility to any document to authorized users within the system. These functions in addition to preventing duplication and tracking changes within documents add to the efficiency of any quality management system.

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