User Management in HQMS

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User Management

HQMS User Management provides access to its database through passwords to users that have been given authorization within the system. Managing these users and their security authorizations has been made simple through the HQMS User Management application. Accessibility from anywhere on Earth, 24/7, over the internet, allows administrators to make the most of their time and location to make any changes necessary to add new employees, delete old ones, or change access privileges for existing users.

The HQMS User Management application allows system administrators with appropriate authorization to manage and track security settings and user group placement for other users in the system. Finding users is easy with powerful query tools. Reports can easily be generated to provide a glancing overview of the users in the system or a detailed look at certain users and their settings. Saving time and money is the purpose of a quality management system.

The User Management application was designed to make administration and maintenance of the system as fast and easy as possible.


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