This utility will make a copy of the HQMS website as well as a snapshot of the HQMS database schema. None of the actual data from the database is copied, just the schema. If selected, it will then FTP this data to HGI. HGI will use this data to create a replica of your site for the purpose of testing and support.


1) Microsoft .NET framework version 2.0

1) Enter the installation folder path (default recommended)
2) Choose the user mode (default recommended)
3) Click Next to start the installation.
4) Click Close when the installation is complete.
5) If provided, copy the clientftp_settings.xml file in the installation package to the folder in step 1 and overwrite any existing file.

1) Run the utility.
2) Enter the SQL Server instance name by either selecting one from the list or typing one.
3) Select the appropriate authentication method and enter any necessary credentials.
4) Select the HQMS database from the list.
5) Enter the path for the website folder. (ex: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\HQMS)
6) Enter the path for the system32 folder. (ex: C:\Windows\system32)
7) Enter the path for the ComPort folder. (ex: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\HQMS\ComPort) *Only applies if ComPort is installed
8) Enter the path to store the results in. This folder must exist.
9) To send the results to HGI, select the “Package & FTP Results to HGI?” checkbox.
10) Click OK to begin.
11) You will receive a confirmation once the utility is finished which may take a few minutes. The results will be stored in the folder selected in step 8.

If this snapshot is being used for the purpose of developing new customizations, please refrain from making any changes to record labels, record numbering groups or tab ordering once the snapshot has been created. Any such changes will be lost when the completed customizations are applied to the server.