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How about having a well maintained and documented maintenance program with scheduled service, with accurate records of work performed. Having such would keep you away from The US safety regulators questioning. Think about some US regulatory agencies pertinent to your business operation. Then it is high time for you to be compliance with industry regulatory standards.

Maximum Productivity

Maintenance, defined as a process in which working condition of a plant or machinery in it, is prime importance and need to be maintained well to realize maximum productivity. Maintenance involves repairing, partial replacement and total replacement machinery, tool, and equipment. Most companies strive to establish a maintenance policy to ensure equipment are ready to use with a highly reliable operating condition. The importance of having a maintenance framework is that it ensures equipment are always attuned to provide good-quality service. Thus, sudden and frequent breakdowns can easily be minimized, and the production of defective products can be lower. As a result, leaving considerable cost savings for companies. Ineffective maintenance policy of an organization would lead to underutilization of the capacity, increase in production cost, growth in maintenance cost, reduction in product quality, growth in wastage and jeopardizing the safety of workers and operators.


What requires implementation of a maintenance policy is a management protocol in which available resources are organized and regulated in the way that plant and machinery can perform its task with zero disturbances. Thus, maintenance management comprises of planning, scheduling, and execution of maintenance-related activities of the entire operation. Use of a highly sophisticated, but easy to use system software is the key to achieving the primary objectives of maintenance management.


One of the excellent companies providing Maintenance Logging Software is Harrington group international. As the good company, you should have quality equipment maintenance system. If you use old methods to maintain printed sheets of papers on maintenance logging, which are often misfiled or thrown away, the toll maintenance process is in a jeopardy. We understand that it is not an easy task. We have the right solution for you. Harrington group international’s maintenance software helps you to organize your maintenance records in an orderly manner with a convenient and an easy to follow interface. In general maintenance software are capable of helping business to cut cost and manage staff, inventory, facilities, and equipment. Ineffective and inefficient equipment, facilities, super-structure maintenance in business would negatively affect business performance and the cash flow.


Every business is distinctive to each other, and their requirement differs on the usability and adaptation of suitable solutions in the firm’s processes. Harrington’s unique knowledge of technology will help you to cost efficient and functional maintenance system.


Harrington Group solutions for your business will;

  • Identify document details about each piece of inventory equipment.
  • Avoid warranty violations/expiry and maximize service life.
  • Forecast downtime to minimize the impact on production.
  • Compile maintaining records of every device and tool used in manufacturing.
  • Make hard copies of work orders that include required actions and keep compete for documentation over the life of the equipment.
  • Enable quickly locate the correct equipment record and help documentation about the equipment and the maintenance activity completed.
  • Generates reports that include complete maintenance history for any piece of equipment used in your production
  • Assist you in to determine trends of maintenance problems across different parts/tool and equipment.
  • Enable you to pre-plan a maintenance work order to be undertaken at prescribed intervals and also create unplanned work orders to consider in future.
  • Empower your company and prepare you to respond to any sudden change in demand conditions.


Maintenance logging software-based maintenance management will help you to minimize the level of production loss and reduce an incidence of occurring breakdown, reduce a level of wastage, optimize the usage of maintenance equipment and workers and, more importantly, improve the quality of product and therefore your competitive edge in the market. Further the adaptation of a solution of this nature allow your company to follow industry best practice and in turn, will ensure your organization complies with regulations, but at the same time help you to reduce energy consumption and costs.


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