These instructions are to setup the newsletter scheduled task for HQMS.


  • Access to the HQMS web server.
  • A local or domain admin account with a password set to never expire.


1. Go to Control Panel and click on Scheduled Tasks.

2. Double-click “Add Scheduled Task” and then click “Next” to start the wizar

3. Click “Browse” and navigate to your HQMS intallation directory (default: C:\Program Files\HQMS) and select hqAuto.exe as the filename then click “Open”.

4. Enter “HQMS Newsletter” as the name of the task.

5. Select “Daily” under the “Perform this task section” and then click “Next”.

6. Set the “Start Time” to 12:00 AM or whenever is preferred.

7. Make sure “Every Day” is selected under the “Perform this task” section.

8. Set the “Start Date” to whenever is preferred and click “Next”.

9. Enter the username and password of a local or domain admin user and click “Next”.

10. Check “Open Advanced Properties” and click “Finish”.

11. In the textbox labeled “Run”, after the existing text, add a space then type:

/M:1 /F:C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\HQMS

The path following the /F: should point to the document root.

12. Click “OK”. The newsletter configuration is complete.