Problem: One user might not see all the data that they should within a tab area. This does not refer to being able to see certain records within a module. That is probably an access control issue.

Example: A user is looking at a 7D Corrective Action and wants to view the attachments in the References tab. They see a number next to the References tab. When they click the tab to view the references, they may see less items there than the number would indicate. When another user looks at this same 7D Corrective Action, they see all the references.


Sometimes a user’s HQMS state will become corrupt.
The affected user needs to clear their HQMS state:

1. Login as the affected user.
2. Right-click anywhere within HQMS.
3. Click “Clear My State…” and then click OK:
4. Log back into HQMS, find the record that was causing the problem, and see if it is correct now.

Information on what Clear My State does:

No data loss will occur due to this. The user’s list page settings will be reset back to the defaults. This means they will have the default query and layout applied to each list page. The number of records per page will reset back to 25. No saved queries or layouts will be deleted. The Recently Viewed area in the Search and Menu bar will be cleared.