Problem: Program is not activated after it was already activated. This problem can occur if the product was activated while a different user was logged into the computer. In other words, if an IT administrator logs in to the computer, activates the software, and then instructs the regular user to login.

More information: A product may only be activated for one user.

Solution: The product will need to be deactivated from the original user and then activated again for the new user.

1. Login to the computer as the original user that activated the product.

2. Open the program in question.

3. Click “Help, Deactivate this software…”:


4. Click the Deactivate button:


5. Click OK:



6. Login as the actual user for the product and open it up.

7. Click the Activate now button and proceed with activating as before. Only proceed to step 8 and 9 if you are unable to activate.

8. If there is a problem communicating with our activation server, you may need to use the Activate by Phone option:


9. Click Activate by Phone and call our technical support department at 407-382-8750. We will ask for the information on the Activate by Phone screen and supply you with an Activation Code.