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Richard “Rick” Harrington, Jr.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Rick started Harrington Software with his father in 1991 and was instrumental in the development and marketing of the initial release of the Cost of Quality software, development of the desktop programs for quality management, and ultimately to the development of today’s world-acclaimed HQMS quality management system.

Described as focused, driven, passionate, sincere, and dynamic, Rick has infused HGI with his entrepreneurial spirit, his own forms of energetic leadership, thought processes, and a clear vision for meeting long-term future needs of existing and potential new customers, long before his customers see the need. One mark of a true leader is measured by the quality of those with whom he surrounds himself. Rick always chooses to work with world-renowned thought leaders, those with wide and deep knowledge, and those who are recognized as un-equaled experts in their respective fields.

Rick continues to drive the products and services of Harrington Software so its flagship HQMS product remains unequaled in its capabilities and ease of use.  Rick is dedicated to upgrading all of our software suites with additional capabilities that enhance the improvement process in every activity of an organization from strategic planning, to human resource development, to the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial roles that have become increasingly important in transforming a company’s competitiveness and financial performance.

As CEO, Rick is focused on continuing innovation and leadership across the company’s core businesses. He is dedicated to providing world class consulting services using unmatched talent, to bringing into global organizations the training and educational systems necessary to advance the knowledge of every employee from CXO-level to the worker specialist on the floor and to do this on-site or online.

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