This issue pertains to the instance where the application’s report logo option is unable to use .bmp and .gif file types for the built in reports in terms of creating user generated report logos. The issue was identified within the release of Training Manager 4 and support has been added for that feature in later releases of the application. Please check your Training Manager 4 version by launching the application, then by clicking on “Help” at the top of the main window, followed by selecting the “About” option in the related dropdown window. Your application’s version will display in the “About” window.

If you find that you have version installed, please make a backup copy of your database file and then uninstall your current version of Training Manager 4. Once Training Manager 4 has been successfully uninstalled, please download and then install the latest version of the application found at the below link:

If you need a hand with the installation process of the application, please reach out to Technical Support at 407-382-8750 between the hours of 9AM – 6PM Monday through Friday. You may also submit an email based support request via the following link: