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Training Manager 4 Released

January 17, 2012 – Harrington Group International is pleased to announce the release of Training Manager version 4. This new version of Training Manager includes great new features and the same fresh interface Training Manager 3 users have enjoyed and benefited from.

New and enhanced features in Training Manager 4 include:

  • Built in Email Capability: Send emails to the appropriate team members for upcoming and expiring training events.
  • Windows 7 Ready: Training Management software 4 is fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows
  • Easy Upgrade: Training Manager will upgrade your existing Training Manager versions
  • New Reporting System: Query all data for report building within the New Reporting System
  • Configurable Fields: Add as many fields as needed to capture the data required
  • Training Roles: Organize training by Job Description (Role) and apply to Employees

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