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A Brief Introduction to Digital Manufacturing.

Digital manufacturing is the use of integrated computer systems to simulate and manufacture products. The technology has seen vast improvement throughout the years. Many companies have invested in the technology and have reaped its benefits already. Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT is the new way of manufacturing products to gain better customer loyalty.

First of all, you need to assess your production needs accurately. One important point to bear in mind is that you cannot rely solely on technology to solve all your problems. Nevertheless, digital manufacturing paves the way for fast and easy production. Your CAD design can easily be transformed into the real product or prototype using different digital manufacturing technologies. These include additive manufacturing, laser cutting and even CNC (Computer Numerical Control). Build prototypes, design molds or even manufacture your products using digital manufacturing.

Digital manufacturing gives a whole new definition to the phrase “fast production”. Conventional methods are simply incomparable with computer aided manufacturing processes. Moreover, it can help you build high-quality prototypes and therefore conduct tests very similar to the real deal. The fast production helps save time and labor costs like never before. And the end result is also of better quality. From managing your inventory to customizing designs for mass production, all becomes simpler with technology.

Explore your design possibilities with CAD and explore the manufacturing possibilities with CAM. For that, you need to have a skilled and creative team of individuals. Help your team redefine manufacturing with the newest technologies at their disposal.

Total Quality Management is an important part of any business in any regulated environment. It is even more so for manufacturing companies. Total Quality Management software can help you address your quality issues and instill a quality mindset throughout the organization. Contact Harrington Group International now to find out how to incorporate Total Quality Management software solutions into your company’s framework.

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