Application development and hosting

Application development and hosting. How does HGI do it?

Harrington Group International is a company that seeks to provide only the best software solutions to companies worldwide. With the integration of applications with software systems, only the best services are offered to our customers.

As an organization leading in the software solution industry, Harrington Group International seeks to meet organizations’ complex business needs. For achievement of this, HGI can find the right people with the appropriate skills to deliver solutions to your location or provide remote consultation. Some of HGI’s services include:

  •  Engineering.
  • Information Technology.
  • Program Management.
  • Counseling.
  • Administration.

Application development:

Harrington Group International is a company that develops only high-end software applications and utilities.
Although HGI is said to be known for the traditional product line of exceptional Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) applications, our organization is also familiar in the industry, for:

  • Robust.
  • High-quality development of a wide range of custom programs and our in-depth knowledge of hardware infrastructure.
  • Complex database design.

The programming team involved in the application development is guaranteed with decades of experience in the field and utilization of internet technologies is processed to meet the needs of the relevant client organizations.

The initiation of the programming process in our organization begins with understanding client needs and the goals and objectives envisioned for client organizations. To ensure that this critical step is met, firstly a project manager is assigned to the account of the client. The project manager will then formally define the application of the client. This would be done through the development of a functional specification. This then evolves into a technical specification that will allow client ideas to become a reality.
Fundamentally, research is done at the start and homework which would pay off efficiently.

Once the client and the developer are both in agreement as to what is needed from the application, the programming begins. A team of developers is placed by the side of clients and programming is done to create tools needed to support the business. But before the application is released to the client, developers put it through the process of field testing and evaluation.

Application hosting:

HGI is uniquely qualified for the hosting of the quality management solution through the utilization of HGI’s highly available and redundant web servers.

Our hardware and software platform is based on the most current technologies available and is designed to provide clients with the security, reliability, and data protection that your company needs.
HGI’s Application Hosting service issues a state-of-the-art repository for clients’ application hosting needs. Through our services clients can benefit from:

  • Dedicated Server Space.
  • 24/7 support.
  • On-line redundancy.
  • Archival Protocol in effect to protect organizational data.
  • Remote servers.

Harrington Group International only seeks to develop the best cost-effective business management tools for your organization that will evolve with your organization as it grows.

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