07 Jul 2018
Quality Management Software

Avoiding Product Recalls

We all heard about the overheating of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which led to a lot of chaos. The Note 7 catching fire resulted in a worldwide product recall causing Samsung to take a step back. That was a massive blow for the company and tackling it was not easy. There are many lessons to be learned from this incident on how to avoid such product recalls. Even if you aren’t about to face a new product launch, you can learn some quality management best practices.

Your customers are first and foremost. You should never lose the focus on them and need to take customer feedback seriously. That is your space for improvement and handling your customer’s concerns effectively.

That is not all. You need to ensure that you analyze the problem at hand effectively. Root cause analysis is an essential part of identifying and remedying any issue. If the root cause analysis is not done correctly, the remediation will not happen properly either. If the problem is not resolved correctly, you will lose even more.

The best option is to manage your quality issues at the initial stages of testing itself. Such defective products should be appropriately tested and not allowed to pass through without any remedial action being taken.

A suitable Quality Management Software being implemented across the enterprise to handle these drawbacks is the answer. This Quality Management Software needs to be capable of handling the scope of the issues that arise in your company.

Harrington Group International can give you just the right Quality Management Software solution for your company. It can help you improve productivity and lead the company on its quality journey. Call the HGINT team right away to find out more about how their solutions can benefit you.

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