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You might be facing the biggest challenges while regarding your product market access/entry. What is this greatest challenge? You may have kept your products or services production process well intact with the latest Quality control software solutions, material flow, people, health and safety and many other aspects of an operation, including the quality management, but not the quality control. You might have kept your total trust in the quality management solution which will help you to determine the standards of production or the project, decided on who would be managing quality and assigned specific duties, assess the conformity of the production to quality specifications laid out in the quality management plan. They are necessary conditions but not sufficient.

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To keep the productivity and efficiency along with product quality and safety, in complementary to the quality management plan, a quality control solution is a prerequisite to measuring the quality of the output by assessing the output against the standard. Quality control as an integral component of quality management centered on achieving the quality requirement. It comprises product inspection in which quality controller visually examines every product before a product reaches the external market and the final consumer. All these mean it is a product oriented continuous, corrective and reactive process that involves a close eye of the quality controller. Thus to make the quality of the process of in check, that is quality assurance; you must have a smart solution for quality control.


The Harrington’s quality control system brings you a cutting edge solution for your quality management plan with applications for quality monitoring and assurance to get your product ready and compliance and speedy access to the market. It will provide you with;

  • A set of activities focused on identifying defects in the actual products produced to ensure the quality of products
  • A mechanism to tackle manufacturing defects after the development of the product and before it reaches the final consumer
  • A set of tools & equipment embedded as a solution package for finding & eliminating sources of quality problems
  • A set of statistical tools & techniques which can be applied to finished products to check meeting the product standards


What makes you different from other if you use it? You will be able to;

  • Ensures your product compliance with the government regulations, if any and
  • Obtain ISO standards for your products
  • Implement an integrated quality management framework with other data management systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Minimize risks of customer complaints and costs on reverse logistics
  • Maintain high-quality levels across your product supply chain and best position against your rivals
  • Fasten product approval and minimize access time to market

What features in our Quality Control Software solution? Product development/manufacturing involves a multitude of tasks starting from planning, the organization of inputs, production process and getting the product access to the market. In the whole process, quality of the final product is conditional upon how you maintain the quality over each and every leg of the production process. Our solution for this comprises of

  • A single repository for all documentation through which efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing process are enhanced by automating task assignment, scheduling, follow-up, tracking, escalation, review, and approval of all documents-based processes.
  • A corrective and preventive action plan in which you can take real-time corrective measures for customer concerns and issues.
  • A quality control training package for the employee to follow and get them and the product aligned with the standard required in the product market.
  • A quality audit plan which provides automatic scheduling of quality audit-related activities and managers with a real-time view of the review process.
  • A customer compliance protocol which gives customers easy access to the company regarding their concerns and the company a way to receive, handle, investigate such concerns and provide the real-time solution to customers.

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